Upgrade path NAC 202 NAP 200

At this point I am using a 202/200 and CHC PSU. Speakers are audiophysics tempo 3i.
For streaming a use a Audiolab 6000N play.
I am trying to save some earnings to expand my Naim equipment.
What is a nice upgrade?
A nDAC and hook this up with the Audiolab?
Or a NDX and sell the Audiolab.
I also want a cd player in the near future. But streaming is what I do the most.

I lived with the 202/200 for years. I have owned an nDAC and an NDX. I currently own an NDX 2.

If streaming is what you do most, I recommend either the ND5 XS 2 or the NDX 2. I chose the NDX 2 and I upgraded it with a power supply.

The 202/200 with an NDX 2 (XPS) is a nice, balanced system.

My current system is 282 (NAPSC, HiCap DR)/200 + NDX 2 (XPS).

I hope this helps.


Naim streamers are a good step forward but the Audiolab is great for its price point.

Don’t sell it but pick up a second hand NAD or Cambridge Audio amp and some Mission speakers and you could have a good second system for £200.

Then you can start upgrading to a CB or Olive set up…

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Source is the weak link
If amplifiers are recent and no need for service I’d just focus at source improvement.

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If I was you, and in light of the suggestions above, I’ll buy NDX(2) with a cd transport to connect into it…
One question only: are your Hi-Cap and Nap 200 “DR” or “not DR”?


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Hi David,

The PSU is non-Naim. Its is a high cap and NAPSC in one part.
So I think no DR. And the NAP200 is also no DR.
Is the DAC in the NDX that good?

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I think it’s good enough to avoid having 2 different dacs (one in the streamer/digital players, the other in the cdplayer…), more (digital) cables etc…especially since you would use the cd player a little or less than the streamer …


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Firstly an NDX2 which is brillant but also benefits from a PSU upgrade, then a 282 which is in a different league to the 202. I currently have 282/HCDR/200/NDX2/XPSDR which is an excellent well balanced system


Please allow me a practical question: When using a SuperCap to power a NAC 202, do you also need the little NAPSC? I try to see the upgrade path to a NAC 252 but I am unable to find out if a NAPSC is necessary at any stage.

A NAPSC is required to power the digital circuits of the 282 but a 252 requires a supercap and does not need a NAPSC. The 202 is powered by the NAP200 or a Hicap, The NAPSC can be used also and some on here have recommended its use on a 202. I would venture to suggest that a supercap would be wasted on a 202, indeed I am not entirely sure if a supercap can be used on a 202! There are quite a few threads concerning the NAPSC which you may wish to explore!

You could use one of the 5 pin 240 degree out puts to power a 202 from a SC. But you need a napsc to power the digital bits too.
Perhaps a bit overkill if the destination is a 252. Or just start at a 282, as that comes with the napsc and can use 2 outputs of the SC via snaic.

The Napsc is not necessary with a 202, but you’ll get a substantial improvement if you use one. This applies irrespective of whether the 202 is powered by a power amp, a Hicap or a Supercap. If you are going to move rapidly to a 252 you may decide that a Napsc is not worthwhile, as it will simply be another thing to resell.


You certainly can use a SC on the 202.

Ok, thats why I said I’m not sure. There are many on the forum with greater knowledge than me!

Apologies on reflection my reply was somewhat curt.

Best regards,


No offence taken Lindsay. There are so many knowledgable people on here that I know if I drop the ball I will be corrected. Main thing is assisting the member who needs advice.

Andy :+1:


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