Upgrade Path

Currently running 272+PS555DR, 252+SC, 300, ATC SCM11. All units in service. System is on a dedicated rack with glass isolation platforms. Will soon be adding a dedicated mains supply.

End game is ND555+PS555DR, 252+SCDR+300DR+Kudos 606

I don’t want any more interim upgrades, other than NDS which seems a logical and cost effective upgrade now the 272 is only streaming.

Change in circumstances means I’m going to have to upgrade a lot slower in future, so want to maximise VFM in terms of SQ. These are the upgrades in order of cost. Higher cost means longer wait.

  1. 272 > NDS
  2. SC > SCDR
  3. 300 > 300DR
  4. SCM11 > Kudos 606
  5. NDS > ND555

Any suggestions on priorities? I’m leaning towards 1,4,2,3,5.

Depending on how you stream your music I would also consider NDX 2 as a part of a upgrade path, especially considering you have a PS555DR. Its a great source that offers the latest streaming platform.


If the end game is the ND555 and if funds don’t stretch to ND555 just yet I would sell the 272 and go for the NDS this will of course match your 555DR and use both burndies.

Who knows the NDS maybe all you need.


With your system I would have thought the NDS would offer a big improvement over the 272. I have the NDS with 555 PS. It sounds amazing.

Maybe the other upgrades are small increments in improvements rather than huge ones.

Having listened to a 252 NDX with 555PS, 500 NAP at a dealer I would say my system is comparable. Mine is an 82, 2 x 135s NDS with 555PS. I certainly didn’t feel mine was lacking nor felt the need to upgrade.

The 500 sounded very good. The NDX2 wasn’t as good as the NDS. The Linn Klimax did however sound a fair bit better than my LP12 which is more at Akurate level. And so it should at the price.

My next upgrade aside from the LP12 is likely to involve a 552 and 500.

Personally, I am not sure that the DR upgrades are going to be as good as going for the full 500 system, even if it is not DR’d, and could be cheaper than DR equipment.

I look forward to hearing from others who have different experiences.

The NDS sounds great and is available at really good used prices.

I would consider an endgame system as 552, 500 ND555 and possibly skip DR’ing the 300 and Supercap. Possibly get the NDS then go 552 or 500.


It does offer the latest streaming platform and sounds very good although for me the NDS does sound better. It does lack the latest streaming platform. I wouldn’t rule it out though, and it depends on if you want to use certain streaming apps.

I would consider going NDS and your speaker changes first on your list. Perhaps check out all the Kudos speakers going upwards as well. Your 252 and 300 can handle them all.

I’ve been happy enough with Tidal on my 272. Don’t feel I’m missing out.

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Thanks I think those are the two most logical priorities. The NDS can be done quickly and start saving for the Kudos.

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The speaker change will make a huge difference to the sound of your system. Going from bookshelf to quality floorstanders will really change the dynamics. This may be all you need.

You could then leave it for a few years and review what you want to do.

It’s good to have a break sometimes and just enjoy what you have !

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Yes indeed. I’m sure the 500 series would sound immense but I need to put the brakes on at some point! The SC is due a service in 2 years and the 300 in 5 years. Might just wait and DR them then.

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It sounds like a good plan @Stu299. It’s a case of knowing when to be fully content with your system.

Listening to my LP12 right now and am enjoying the music so much.

Must say I’m pretty satisfied right now and am not sure if I will do the 552 500. May well go 52 and keep the 135s. Or stay put.

The NDS and speaker change will keep you satisfied for a good while hopefully.

Enjoy the NDS when you get it. It’s a bit special and weighs a fair bit. Quality piece of kit and it is a bargain.

“It’s a case of knowing when to be fully content with your system.”

Never truer words said I feel :+1:

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Can I just check, is the NDS Naim app functionality very close to the 272? I use Tidal.

With the pre amp and PS now redundant and used NDS going for not a huge amount more than 272 it’s seems a very cost effective for the outlay. Just wondering in case I’m missing something here.

I have not used the 272 but can confirm the NDS works fine with Tidal via the apps on both Android and iPad.

I’d agree your most cost effective upgrade just now is probably a good s/h NDS especially as you have the 555PS. A DR upgrade to the 252 SC definitely lifted my system when I did it but I would go source-first just now.

Personally I also found an SL interconnect from NDS to 252 was a good step. I am aware of the whole cable and interconnect rabbit hole! Easy to audition anyway.


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The function of the app is essentially the same with 272 and NDS. The only difference is that the NDS, having no volume control, uses System Automation to access your preamps volume pot. It’s not as slick, but it works.

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Why not replace the 272 with either an NDS or an NDX2 and stop there?

An NDX2 has become a bit of a stretch for the time being but an NDS is affordable. That will probably then be it for some time but the system already sounds great so I’m not complaining. I think the DR can wait until a service becomes due leaving speakers for if and when funds allow.


NDS arriving next week :grimacing:

Sold the 272 and I’ve now got a spare burndy which I can sell. The cost of this upgrade will be a few hundred all told.

The NDS is 2015 from Naim dealer, “immaculate” with 12 months warranty.

Be good to get the 555 PS firing on all cylinders too :sunglasses:


Makes complete sense, cheap upgrade with (hopefully) big results.


Cheap yeah. Well apart from the 252, the SC… :laughing:

I wonder what to expect from it :thinking:

I’ll be sorry to see the 272 go tho. It’s an amazing machine and the first step on my Naim journey