Upgrade Path

NDS arrived and installed. Condition is perfect as described and all original packaging, unused remote still sealed, but no rubber feet :thinking:

Any ideas why they might have been removed?

Haven’t had a chance to listen yet

Not sure about the NDS, but I think all units with internal suspensions have metal feet, and as far as I can feel under my Superline they are the same as in your pic.


Ah ok that’s helpful thanks.

There’s a hollow space within which means you can attach transparent bump-ons to a glass shelf that can then fit within the feet (important they don’t touch the feet though). That way there’s no chance of the unit accidentally being pushed or pulled off the shelf by children etc…


Great thanks both for clearing that up.

It’s sounds absolutely stunning by the way :grin:

PS the transit bolts were in when I turned it to take that pic!

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