Upgrade path

As I look back on my 6 year Naim journey I wonder how many people started out like I did, 250/272/xps.

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CB NAC32/SNAPS/NAP250 for me in the early 80’s.
Then a down trip via a truly awful Sony minisystem, then to Majik land before bouncing back with Supernait 3 and on…


CD 3,5 and Nait3 in 2005. SBL in 2006.
Then 102/HC/250 → 82 with 1 and then 2 HC. CDX. Then a 62, 42,5 Nait2 and Nait1. Both 110 and 140. Nat03, Headline/napsc. Then CDS2/XPS / 52/SC. Then another Nait2 and 72 and IBL. I have had both MK1 and MK2. Now I only have 72/180/SNAPS and a spare 42,5 in my second system.

Edit. I also have an Aro.


Superuniti; 272/250, xpsdr; nds/552dr/500dr.

Took 6 years also, everything new except the 500 series.

Nait 3r



Then NAC202/155xs/stageline

then NaC82/NAP250/HCDR which I where I am now…


ND5 XS > Nait XS 2 > ProAC D2
ND5 XS > Nait XS 2 > Naim Ovator S-400
ND5 XS > SuperNait 2 > Naim Ovator S-400
NDX > SuperNait2 > Naim Ovator S-400
NDX > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > Naim Ovator S-400
NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > Naim Ovator S-400
XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > Naim Ovator S-400
XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > ProAc D30RS
XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > NAC 282 > SuperNait 2 > ProAc D30RS (Also added Headline powered with NAPSC 2 at this time to replace headphone capability of SN 2).
XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > NAC 282 > NAP 250 > ProAc D30RS

Note: I have used NAC A5 speaker cables since day one. I have replaced all Naim power cables with AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC power cables. Added both a C2960C-8PC-L Cisco Switch and English Electric 8Switch for audio use.

who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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Damn what a journey in only 6 years. How are those K10’s working out?

I like them a lot. I’m no audiophile expert but i do known this, i listen longer and many times i have to make myself go to bed or go to work. To my ears they are much better at providing a richer sound at lower listening levels. The Focals were great loud, but compared to the k10’s they were lacking at “conversational level” volume. The bass was too thin to me.

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So good to hear. I have some baby Proac’s and that ribbon tweeter will sound even better in a few months at least that was my experience.

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More snow😉


We started in late 2020 with a SuperUniti and liked what it did in comparison to an assortment of separates (various brands) from late 90s.

Moved to 272/XPSDR/250DR early in 2021 and rediscovered lots of music.

Saved hard to move to current end game system. The journey from SU via 272 to full 7 boxes took just under 2 years. Trade ins helped.

We’re not going to move to 552/500. The system we have sounds fantastic. Everything is recent vintage or serviced. We are lucky to own it and there are now other priorities in life.

Oh and we still have the SU in the office, it’s fantastic in a smaller room with easy to drive standmount speakers.

Best advice we could give anyone thinking about going on an upgrade journey is to build a good relationship with one or more of the many excellent naim dealers out there. They often hold lightly used kit which isn’t advertised and will sell only to existing customers.


That’s where I finished!

CD5XS/Nait XS to start then
add FCXS
add nDAC
NaitXS → SN1/HC
add XPS
DR upgrades
SN, nDAC → 272/250DR
272/XPS/250DR off to happy new owners

Bedroom: Muso QB
Study: Atom

Blimey! Never really realised how much I’ve changed the system and that doesn’t include non-Naim changes. I need to get a grip!


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One of the things I have enjoyed about Naim is this upgrade experience. I have a great dealer (Tyler) and he has always been given me excellent service and high trade in value. I believe the reason many of us go the upgrade path is due to the high value we get on trade ins. If Naim updates the classic series that may put a dent in a lot of those trade ins. I know if, big if, I ever go up to the s1 I would be a lot more likely to seriously consider it if I received a big trade in value for my 4 year old 552.


Six years ago we moved into our new (to us) house. A renewal of my Naim journey. The NAC72/HCap/NAP250 needed reviving by the factory. The Linn needed major surgery to breath back life into it.
Take time to realise how times have changed… my how they’ve changed!
The system in the man-cave is now NAC282/HiCap dr/NAP250dr + NDX2/XPSdr + ProAc D2rs strung together with WH Phantom. It’s been such fun to chase down each upgrade and, as we now have a detached house, a joy to turn up the wick when the missus goes out.


My journey the last 6 years and been steadily progressing through the Nait series. Curious how do you find the NAC282/250Dr combo with the D2r’s. Still loving it? I’m so tempted to trade in my SN3 for this combo but I’ll wait to see what Naim comes out with in the New Year.

Similarly to you I’m hoping that one day the 2nd hand cost of 282/hcdr/250 dr will allow me to consider upgrading and I certainly would like speakers like the d2r’s. Thinking about getting a demo to check how much better that combo better than my sn3 (For all I know I’ll decide the sn3 is enough and just get the hcdr and new speakers such as d2r’s). Strongly considering a trip to my dealer next year if only to window shop and see what I might want to save up for.

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Ditto! The SN3 is so damn good IMHO. I also would need an extended demo to make sure it’s worth upgrading. My HiCapDr is scheduled for servicing so hopefully when it’s back I won’t think about upgrading for awhile (famous last words)

I already had a NAP250 CB plus a NAC72. I managed to snipe a NDX2 on a famous auction site for an absolute bargain complete with full Naim guarantee early in 2020. That kind of set me on my course of replacing each unit with used or nearly new modern units. I never actually considered a Nait I’m afraid. I love the D2rs. They also suite my listening room.

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You’ve got a nicely balanced system with a good source and upgraded SN3 with the HCDR. To improve significantly while staying with Naim you’re looking at adding a 282 and 250DR.

However, it sounds like you are delighted with your set up as it is. In which case I woud leave it all alone and enjoy the music.

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That sounds like a plan. I decided on a NAC282 but there seemed to be precious few used ones on the market. I announced that I was probably going to look at a NAC282 to three dealers I’d bought kit from and could they let me know if they’d had a trade in or a stock rotation planned. In the space of three days I had the choice of three excellent units at great prices. Put the word out especially early in the new year as they will be looking to move their own stock on.