Upgrade power lead on Innuos Zenith

Have anyone tried upgrading the power lead to an Innuos Zenith (or similar) ?

The reason I ask is I have a spare Powerline sat doing nothing in the loft as I already had them on my power supplies when I upgraded my 252 to a 552 earlier this year.

I appreciate the obvious answer to the above question is “try it yourself” but I was wondering if others on the forum had tried it already and what their thoughts were.

If someone had tried it and concluded it made no difference, would that stop you trying it yourself? It really doesn’t matter what others think. Get up in the loft!

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I’ve been thinking about a Zenith myself and was just, coincidentally, reading some online reviews. If you check out the Zenith on the Audio-T website, there are 3 very positive 5star user reviews and all 3 reviewers mention that using a good quality power cord makes a notable difference.

I imagine that if several users have tried and observed no improvement, the OP will not have the desire to invest a consequent money in it.
@Filipe, @obsydian have an Innuos Zenith. Also recently @mikehughescq. Perhaps they have an opinion.

Too early for me to judge a mere 2 weeks in but I’ve not gone with the stock cable anyway. I’ve used one of the leads on my Musicline Powerigel from day one. Hard to imagine what might be improved but you have the power cable; further isolation; better USB cables and the Phoenix reclocker. Every review I’ve read of each options says there are improvements to be wrought so I don’t see anything to be lost.

@Peder if I remember was a fervent user of after-market power cords with fancy Furutech connectors, perhaps he can make a good recommendation (btw haven’t seen Peder around these parts lately and I miss his posts sincerely, I hope he’s ok)

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I have an innuos statement and I noticed a surprising improvement by substituting the standard power cable with a powerline. Definitely worth trying would be my suggestion with the zenith.


I have a power line light on mine, can’t say I heard any difference but there was no harm in using it either. If you try the powerline let us know what it does

Bad news for @Buryfc. A powerline to buy :laughing:

I think this is the best response.

From my perspective yes i tried various Naim, Supra, Belsen and ended up with the Synergistic research Atmosphere, couple with the fuse a major step up.

But as @hungryhalibut says give it a try and see, this forum is full of the best, nope its not, this all distracts from the FUN (yes fun NOT panic) about tweaking your system your way.

Then of course share your findings.
have fun.

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Thanks for all the responses…

The other question I suppose is whether to plug the Zenith into my dedicated mains or sockets on the “normal” house supply.

I’ve deliberately just got my Naim boxes on the dedicated mains at the moment but I have got a spare socket I could use for my Zenith.

A year ago I was assessing the MusicWorks Reflex Ultra G3 with sparkly bottom. After being underwhelmed at first I upgraded to all PowerLines including to the MusicWorks and the Zenith. I felt that the Zenith benefited the longer the 2-3 months trial of the MusicWorks went.

The system has undergone further SQ improvement over the year particularly in the last 4-6 weeks. The separation and texture of all instruments/voices has improved. Of course the test would be to remove the Zenith PowerLine for instance, but I’m not going to touch anything!

I’m very lucky to have reached this point. It’s hard to know how other mixes of boxes will work. I certainly think that mains is underestimated in terms of how it affects sound reproduction. I don’t like loudness to get impact, but instead I value the clarity and reality of the presentation of the musical parts. It should naturally have a good soundstage at all but the the lowest volume levels. I went through lots of upgrades but maybe I was not dealing with the right issues!


Interesting, I do think a full loom approach must be best.

I recently added a powerline to my zenith (and one of the cheaper mcru powerlines to my hicap equivalent) and felt it was an improvement

Thought I ought to add my experiences. Before acquiring my current Zenith, I’d been using a Melco and found that it benefitted, initially from a Powerline and then rather more so with a Sarum. Since replacing the Melco with the Zenith, I’ve found that not only does it benefit from a power lead upgrade (the Sarum has been upgraded to T and that was ace), but also from its own dedicated mains and Sonority Roller platform on the top of one the Fraim stacks.

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Great piece of kit is the Zennith. I just have a PL lite on mine- into a Nordost Thor. Have you kept the switch at the router end?

Yes I have, an EE 8Switch.

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