Upgrade Query - paths to take!

I use XS 172 pre amp with a XS 155 power amp driving Ovator 400s.

a. I am thinking of adding a streamer in the form of NDX2. So the existing Pre & Power amp combination will drive the NDX2.
b. I am wondering if it would be an upgrade over my existing combination if I were to invest in a Supernait 3 alongside the NDX2?
c. Finally the allure of simplifying the set up by investing in a Uniti Nova in place of the numerous boxes doesn’t go away. But I don’t want to make this change unless the change in sound quality, if negative, is not noticeable.

I know that these options are not financially neutral choices. But I would still value the view of this group.

I have run my existing systems for about 8 odd years and am happy to upgrade.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Welcome to the forum @2020. No offense but I wish your name was 2019 or 2021 :slight_smile:

I’m no genius here, but I’d try adding A.) NDX2 first then give it some time to settle. I think you’d be surprised what an excellent source can do for your system.

The Nova is fantastic if you want a one box solution.
It really does depend on where you want to go.

An NDX2 would certainly be a nice upgrade to your present system, but you could get so much more out of it with a better preamp than the 172. If you don’t mind at least a couple of extra boxes, 202 or 282 would be a good move.
If you want to keep it simple, a Supernait would be a great option too. The right separate pre/power amp will perform better, of course, but the SN3 is still a great amp.

The less costly would be a 272. If Ndx2, I agree with Chrissu, a 202 or 282 would be very welcome with it.
Or you can also take an Nd5xs2. And later a 202.

hello All, thanks for all your help. I finally chose to go with Supernait 3 and NDX2. Just got it delivered. it sounds awesome! I wait for the system to run sometime to come before I see its true colours!

Thanks again.

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I of course compared it against the Nova. While good but the difference was too stark to go for a single box solution!!

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