Upgrade recommendations please

I have Supernait 2, NDX2 streamer, Linn Sondek with B&W 702 speakers. Would appreciate views on upgrades - power amp, power supply, speakers from those with experience?

Nice system you have there.

I may consider getting some of the fundamentals in place as a starting point - a dedicated spur and rack would be worth considering. The dedicated spur, subject to you starting point, can be a big improvement.


A power supply on the NDX2 or Supernait (or both!) would be a beneficial upgrade, i.e. an XPS 2 DR (NDX) or HiCap DR (Supernait).

Common wisdom would favour doing the source first but in your case it may make sense to do the HiCap first as this will improve both digital and vinyl.

The other things that are worth paying attention to are the stand and having a dedicated mains supply run to the system.

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thanks ! do you think a HiCap for the supernait + a NAP200DR or 250DR (bi-wired) be good ?

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Here is a free one: unless you have them in a large room and over a metre from the back wall, close the bass reflex ports of the 702’s. This will first give you the perception that they are become bass light, but actuallly they get more bass realistic and clean up the mids which is a must if you add either the XPS or the hicap.

If you’re going to go down that road, I would forget biamping and trade the Supernait for a 282.

Where do you want your system to be mid to long term?

My system has been through a wealth of upgrades.

In your case a HiCap DR would make way for a 282 and 250DR. So I’d do that first.

Then add an XPS DR to the NDX2.

Then look at the Preamp and power amp options. Either Supernait 3 or make the jump to 282 and 250 combo.

What spec is the LP12? Does it have the Cirkus bearing? You can look at a Lingo or Radikal power supplies, better tonearms, cartridges and different subchassis (Kore and Keel).

So your list of upgrade possibilities are quite open.

Like others have said a HiCap DR would be the first thing.

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thank you ! great summary.

part of the fun is the upgrade path itself but new to naim, its hard to understand or work things out. your note was very clear and think hicap is the first step, then later the 282/250 combo I think.

my LP12 is the Majik but upgraded the power. I think its tonearm and cartridge next so any recommendations would be great - would you stick with linn ?

just bought a pair of headphones too so I block the noise of the kids out !!!

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Your SN2 is happily good enough to deliver more with a HiCAP, an XPS DR on the NDX2 and if you don’t have them, better interconnects and power leads.

With the Lp12 it depends where you want to end up again. You can take it Klimax or Akurate spec. The tonearm the Majik comes with can be upgraded to Akito 2 or you could go for used Ekos 1 or 2 or SE new or used. The Naim Aro is very popular. Contact Peter at Cymbiosis for recommendations on your deck and the order to do it. An MC cartridge is generally better than an MM. So you have to look at phonostage as well.

I have a mix and match in my system of black, olive and chrome bumper kit. I went 82 with one hicap, then 2, then supercap. And changed from 250 CB to 2 x 135s.

There is still a good synergy between the different ages of Naim components.

Demo a 282/250 combo and compare with a Supernait 2.

Then you need to look at getting a Fraim or another good rack with Naim glass isolating shelves on cups and balls.

Cables and interconnects are the icing on the cake when everything else is done.

So many different options. It depends on your budget and how deep your pockets are. You want your system to be balanced at any one time.

For example a Linn LP12 at Klimax level will be wasted on a SN2 IMHO. It needs to be with a 252 or 552 and 250/300 or 500 ideally.

I have based my LP12 around Akurate level and it works well with my system configuration.

Lots of others will no doubt share their views. Upgradeitis can become obsessive and compulsive. It is important to joy your system as it is and try to do things gradually and enjoy them if you can.

I upgraded stuff every few months and it has cost me alot of money. I am very pleased with my system right now and am happy to leave it be for now!

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Other LP12 gurus also available e.g. David @ The Sound Organisation :wink:

What source do you use the most? If NDX2, get XPS DR if it’s the LP12, a Lingo 4, Karousel and Kore.

I’ve a similar set up to yours but with an SN3.
An XPS DR on the NDX2 would give the biggest boost to your system.
A Hi Cap will improve the SQ to a lesser extent.
I’ve added a Witch Hat Morgana interconnect and Phantom speaker cables to replace standard Naim interconnect and NACA5. These also made a big improvement to the SQ.

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