Upgrade - Small room 282/250 too much?


Currently have SN2 + Hi-Cap fed by Rega P10 (PS Audio Phono), Hegel Mohican, Chord Hugo TT, into Dynaudio Special 40.
Keep being tempted to upgrade - to 282/250

But my room is small, with close listening, 2 X 4m - is that just way too much? Is there another alternative upgrade?

You’ll get the advantages at lower volume with a 282 HiCap 250 system. I don’t see any issues with a smaller room. If you really want it, go for it.

You have a fantastic system as it is. What is you want to improve?


So is your room size 2m x 4m? Or is that just the listening area?

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No it really is that small - a study where i spend most days.

What do I want to improve, richness clarity - squeeze the best from my sources…

I have a sittting room, where it is more of a ‘family space’ and that has a Nova, RP10, Cyrus CDi-XR feeding PMC floorstanders

The other limitation tho is all the boxes - so 282/250 would add another full unit and another half-sixe to my current rack?

Have you thought about having the 282 HiCap 250 with a streamer in the lounge and Nova for study?

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Other option is getting a HiCap DR for your SN2.

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Well, I have thought about SN3 + NDX2 in the lounge - slightly think the Nova might not be getting the best from the TT & CD, both being analogue sources that I understand are digitised??

I do have a Hi-cap for the SN2

The study P10 is shiny new as is the PS Audio stellar phono stage vso feel the Nova wouldn’t be the best

The nova may be ‘moved on’…

282/250 only has 2 sets of RCA so I would need DIN interconnects - say P10 and CD?


I recently moved from SN2 + HiCap DR to 282/250 (and NDX2). You will certainly get a lot more clarity, details and richness! But I would really advice to listen to this combo, if you have not already. Even more so with your speakers in your room, if possible.

I’m very happy with many of the big improvements coming with the 282/250, but I’m still not convinced that the 282 presentation is right for me in the long run with current revealing speakers (ATC SCM40). It feels like I would prefer something more laid back with less bite and verve in the upper mid range. (Or maybe my room needs attention)

I did demo the 282/250 with my speakers, but of course the dealer demo didn’t show how things sound in my room, and for extended listening sessions. Still running in the new system, so things can certainly improve, but I have my doubts that things will change in a radical way… The point is that if you don’t like all things this upgrade brings, one might be a bit stuck, unless going back to say SN3 + HiCap DR+ 250 DR or keep moving up to a 252 or try a Supercap DR on the 282.

In short be careful to investigate as much as possible that the upgrade will result in more pleasant and satisfying music!


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Very interesting thanks - how big is your room?

My room is about 4m x 4,5m. The room worked well with the SN2 and current speakers, although some might think these floorstanders are big for a relative small room.

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