Upgrade SN 3

I am currently considering to part exchange NAC122x, NAP150x & Flatcap2 to SN3 to drive NDX2 and Neat motive 2 speakers. I would appreciate your views

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Just do it.
Less is more. :+1:t2:



It’s a super amp and more than delivers what’s needed in a home environment.
Lots of headroom on the volume too.
dr technology and super robust build " its heavy " :sweat_smile:

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Listen carefully before you commit. If your 122/150 is in good condition and properly set up there is every possibility that you will prefer it to a Supernait.
On the other hand the SN3 gives you the simplicity of a single box, and a built in phono stage if you need it. It’s also got plenty of clout, although your Motives are not particularly demanding.

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Do you want to reduce box count? If not consider a 282 with your 155. It’s a very good pairing, @Richard.Dane will confirm.


Thank you and very much appreciated

Thanks , I have 150 x not 155 not sure this is power enough to drive 252

As you have a Flatcap you wouldn’t be using the 150 to power the preamp. A 282 may well be a nice addition, although you would ideally want a Hicap to power that, and a Supercap is required for a 252.

Love my ndx2 sn3 with tunetots. Hooked up english electric 8switch today, the system just gets better and better. I prefered it over 272 250dr combo by a whisker. Which could have been a hair….


A 252 would equally work well with a 150 or 155 but a 252 to have a SC. The 282 can be powered by either the 150 or 155 but equally can be powered by your flatcap.

That’s true Lindsay. But by equally well you could also say equally badly. A 282 really warrants a Hicap, and either of the Flatcap or 150 options is very much suboptimal. Fine as a stepping stone of course, to say a 250 and Hicap, but if the OP doesn’t want to go that far it’s really not ideal. Then you’ve got all those wires and the silly little Napsc to deal with. The Supernait option seems simpler and more complete solution. I’ve not heard the 122/150 directly against the Supernait 3 but have owned them both. I guess as ever it’s a case of trying for oneself.

Don’t use BJC 6a Ethernet cables, less certainly is a lot less, especially with those wonderful speakers.

Are you posting on the wrong thread, Stephen?

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No, just giving my view for the proposed system, in my experience, Nigel.

Indeed sort of why I said if you don’t mind the extra boxes. And as you say a stepping stone. The NAPSC doesn’t worry me, just stuffed underneath the rack out of sight.

Thank you for for your useful insight, I did listen last Saturday NDX 2 and SN3 with Spendor speaker at local dealer, sounds good but still not 100% sure which combination is better sound (150/122/FC 2/NDX2 with Motive2).

Further @anon4489532 I’ve no idea what would be best SN3 vs 282/150. If the speakers aren’t too demanding perhaps the latter? I once heard in passing a 282/155 into I think baby Neats, but a while ago and the dealer thought it better than 202/200.

Try to borrow the SN3 and have a listen at home for a couple of days. It’s very hard to make a decision in a different room and with different speakers. It’s also very hard to relax at a dealer demo as you are straining to hear differences rather than seeing which best communicates the music.

You need to be sure that you make the right decision after all, and sticking with what you’ve got is very often the best, particularly if you struggle to actually make that decision.


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