Upgrade Solstice

Anyone who have upgraded their Solstice with another cart?

The only one for now is @Cohen1263 . He has a Superline / Supercap on it and normally a big Dynavector cart . We should have now soon some news from him.

Im interested to hear if the weight of the DV cartridge made it a good match for the arm.

I’m under the impression that the Naim cart. is relatively heavy. Not sure if I’m right about this.

Do we know the provenance of the Naim Solstice cart… so, who makes it…?

Equinox MC Cartridge Diamond shape - Micro Line Cantilever - Boron Weight - 8.0g Body - Aluminium Audio output Individual 4 pin Frequency Response 20Hz – 40kHz Output voltage 0.4mV Cartridge impedance 11 Ω Recommended tracking force 2.2g -2.4g Recommended MC input resistance value 100Ω Recommended MC input capacitance 1000pF (= 1nF) Recommended MC Gain setting High


I’d imagine it’s Clearaudio, just like the rest of the thing.

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Stats are very similar to the £1100 essence, aluminium body, micro line stylus, boron cantilever, 8g, 11 ohm impedance etc.
Also the £750 concept. I imagine there are strong similarities.
The equinox is £1400 by itself which suggests it might be slightly up from the essence.

Quote “ based on a high-end Clearaudio design, but the fact it uses a specially machined aluminium body, boron cantilever and microline stylus makes this very much a Naim product.”

I have to say I get a chuckle out of this one as “uses a specially machined aluminium body, boron cantilever and microline stylus” could describe cartridges from so many different brands.

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The Solstice with its P/S used in isolation with ARO 2 is a truly excellent combo. Bolt on a top cartridge and use with Superline and Supercap and you are utilising their true potential.

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I fitted this with Simon Locke an experienced turntable installer. He confirmed something that I’d be waiting to report on. The Equinox cartridge to fit with correct overhang as per ARO gauge needs moving around 2mm forward in the head shell. This necessitates removing the rear (third) bolt. I wlll post pics to clarify

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As you can see the arm tube isn’t in line in the factory set position with the stylus on the null point

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Corrected. Less surface noise. Better sound. Easily counters any advantage that the third fixing provides

Simon might post his observations regarding his experience here

Which DV cart is it? I had the DV Te Kaitora Rua on my Rega P10. And a SuperLine with HiCap. But I bought the whole Solstice combo.

XV1t. The deck and arm definitely good enough to exploit the virtues of the cartridge. It’s a stunning combo!!


Interesting observations…well caught by you and your installer.
I have little interest in the Equinox and will be moving it on shortly. Re the DV install- any problems with the counterweight not having enough “travel” to compensate for the heavier cartridge? The counterweight design is clever but adjustment may prove troublesome for some cartridges…Did you have any issues?

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A little tricky Varyat. The counter weight wanted to stick at around 2.2g. I countered by reversing the counterweight to achieve my desired 1.95g. Cartridge tags easily eased to fit the slightly larger DV pins ( over Equinox) with a tooth pick