Upgrade Star to Nova?

So up to just over 24 hours ago I never thought about posting this. Was super happy with my Star. Then I realized the display panel has detached in the one corner. As this is something I cannot imagine the dealer solving over the phone it will probably mean a repair or swap out. Dunno what they gonna do yet.

So now the question is seeing as I will have pack up the Star and send it on its way, should I consider just upgrading to Nova as part of the process.

I know about the upgrade path to single components but the current house does not really do justice to that. So I was planning on staying on Star for a long time.

I’m listening on Sonus Faber concertinos speakers. Also a lot of headphone listening. A lot of digital from Roon but also a lot of vinyl from a Rega RP6 and ANIA MC element.

Listening on speakers are often low volume listening and I read the Nova is a lot more capable there.

So all this said, with me being happy with the Uniti range for the foreseeable future, is the Nova a worthy upgrade? Or just have the Star maladies sorted.

As for CDs I have pretty much ripped what I have and when I buy new physical these days it’s vinyl.

The front panels are adjusted with torx tools, your dealer should be able to do this for you. Or they can advise you how to do it.


This is a completely different unit, but gives you an idea about what might be involved.

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Thanks for the info. I actually found this thread while searching for any similar issues. And I have enough Torx screwdrivers lying around. But I would not have an idea on how to even start attempting a tighten considering where it is loose. The bit in the circle below is loose.

Was actually wondering if @Richard.Dane knows which magical screw to tighten?

No idea I’m afraid as I’ve never taken any of the new Uniti kit apart (or seen the final casework put together). Perhaps someone from Naim, like @NeilS, can advise.

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My first 2 Novas had the same issue ( I had 3!) From researching on the forum at the time it seems a lot of units were like this, I think it’s the display panel mounting that’s the issue

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Give Naim a call, should be something you can fix yourself I would think. Granted it should not happen

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Ah thanks. Had to try my luck :slight_smile:

Oh joy, a design flaw as well then. So you returned two Novas cause of this?

Contacted my dealer. Still waiting to hear what they come back with.

Hi Kryptos,

You would need to remove the entire top plate to determine what has happened. Not something I would recommend unless you are very confident, as you need to disconnect the ribbon for the volume control, these are pretty delicate & if incorrectly fitted or damaged will render the whole unit inoperable.
I’d certainly suggest getting your dealer involved in this case.



Hi @NeilS,

Thanks for the info. Yeah I won’t be messing with that.

Let’s see what they say and do this week.

Ask your dealer to lend you a Nova while your Star is being fixed. When you get the Star back, you will know the answer.


I think everyone here is missing the point. @Kryptos I hear your cry for help in justifying an upgrade. Of course the Star is no good anymore with this catastrophic fault, and no one in their right mind would try and get it fixed, or replace like with like. I am afraid you are left with no choice but to get a Nova. It will improve your mental state of mind in these difficult times, and you can tell your wife/husband/partner that you saved money because it was a cheaper option than [insert cheaper option here].

You are welcome.

(Edited to add) Ps. I actually just bought a Nova, and they are magnificent.


You know, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Hahahaha I love this reply! Brilliant.

The only fault with it is that the wife immediately said I should do it if I want… What now!!!

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Gosh do I have to keep on with the advice, its obvious. You wring your hands together and become all indecisive. You do this for a few days until she is more directive and actually says “oh for Gods sake just go buy the damn thing!” Then you do.


Yeah that was definitely part of the plan. Was just curious what people who actually made the swap experienced.


Where has your advice been all my life?

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…factor into the equation that continuous improvement seems to happen at Naim, so if you are buying a new Nova it should be better than a Nova at the age you purchased your Star. I noticed this from borrowing a 2018 Nova before my brand new Nova arrived. Having said that my factory fresh Nova has now gone into a bit of a decline, probably down to the burn-in cycle which also presents another consideration when trying to make a direct comparison…

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