Upgrade suggestion

Hi Naim experts,
I have currently a nice set-up, but …should I plan an upgrade what would you suggest as next step ? :innocent:
Here my system NDX2, NAC 282, HICAP, NAP200, POWERLINE, NAC A5, HERBERTH SUPER HL5 40 anniversary
My room has been acoustically treated with Astri panels (service provided directly from company owner).
Thanks a lot for you help!

Is your hicap the Hicap DR model? If not, I’d get the DR version of it.

Hi, depending on your budget, and in these times also what it available, there are two obvious options. One is to upgrade the 200 to a 250DR. The other is either a DAC or power supply upgrade to the NDX2. An XPSDR would be a good choice, but you really need to listen to these options yourself.

Power supply on the NDX2 is the obvious choice. I’ve always found source first to be a good mantra as long as you don’t go too far towards a mullet.

What is missing from the music with your current setup? Looks like a decent combination to me already.

I’d go for a 250DR first using your speakers.


Agreed. Adding a 250 will improve everything.

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I agree with Popeye. Generally we say « source first « , an Xpsdr in that case.
But here a 250 dr would be welcome. The Harbeth 40 must probably give a hard life for the 200 dr.

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Thanks so far. I forgot the budget: about 10K€.
About the need of upgrade, of course it is not a need. I just miss some clarity when it comes to many instruments, like a symphony. But maybe it’s just my age …

I’d be getting a XPSDR and a 250DR, and swapping the Hicap for a DR version. If you go used you may be able to get hold of a 555PSDR, which would be even better.

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naim fraim?


I don’t know Harbeth speakers, are they demanding? If so I’d consider a 250DR, if not XPS or 555 on the NDX2 or perhaps SC on the 282.

Over and above the usual recommendation for a dedicated radial spur applies.

Thanks for your inputs so far.
So nobody suggests to jump to NAP300 ?

Depends on your future plans I guess.
I went from 282/200 to 282/250 to 282/300. Latter one because there came a demo up for offer from my dealer and last step would be 282 to 252.
Have to say step from 200 to 250 was massive. Imho more than from 250 to 300.
Got a 250 to try at home from dealer,played 1 track and after 10 seconds I already knew, this thing ain’t going back!!
So +1 for 200 to 250 as first step.

In my experience, no. The 250dr is a wonderful amp. To my ears the 300 was not an improvement. I had one for 6 months before upgrading to the 500. For me, worse Naim purchase I’ve made (so far). Others on this forum love the 300, just not for me. Use the extra money for a power supply.


Didn’t liked the 300 dr enough myself. We are maybe 3 or 4 in the forum, a minority, yes, but WE exist.

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Although I usually err towards source first, you system would benefit from upgrades at the front (a XPSDR or PS555DR power supply for the NDX2), middle (a better DR power supply for your 282) and end (upgrade your 200 to 250DR, which I suspect will be able to properly drive your Harbeths).

It is tough to recommend a priority as all three upgrades, in isolation, would be of broadly equal benefit. However I suspect moving from a HiCap to a HiCapDR may only be a marginal improvement, depending on the age and service history of your HiCap. It might be worth going all in here and getting a SuperCapDR. I found the SCDR was a revelation on my 282.

As it is tough to prioritise here, you might consider doing all three upgrades, and ex demonstration or pre loved gear may make all three upgrades affordable. If so let the ex-dem and secondhand market decide the order, and snap up those items that appear first.


The 200 is the weak link in that chain in my experience so I’d go 250DR first then PS for the streamer.

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That’s pretty much what I said two days ago. To me it’s far better than either/or and it keeps the whole system nicely in balance. At the moment, with those speakers, it has a slight touch of the mullets about it.

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Sorry, what do you mean with “touch of a mullet ?” :blush: