Upgrade Supercap 2 to Supercap DR

Curious to know if anyone has done this upgrade with a 252 and what they made of it.


I have. I bought a 252 with Supercap and ran it for about six months in to a 250-2. I then had a 300 Serviced and DR’d. A Supercap DR came up and I swapped out the Supercap. The DR and 252 made a big difference with the 300DR.


Thanks Bruss that’s encouraging.

Any other experiences upgrading a Supercap2 to Supercap DR?

I just got my 252 serviced and my Supercap serviced and DR’d. Putting it all back together tomorrow!

Ooohhh exciting let us now what you think


I found the change very worthwhile when I had the Scap upgraded for mine. Added a level of detail and insight. Bass resolution improved perhaps most. It is very much an all round change though not just one thing. Note the Scap2 wasn’t overdue a service so a fair comparison. It was the first of my three PS’s to go DR and convinced me to get my others done.


Well, hate to be the naysayer but, quite honestly, I don’t hear much of a difference between the serviced/DR’d gear and my best recollection of it before it was serviced. Of course, on the one hand, it’s been almost 3 months since I sent the system of to be done, so my memory may be suspect. On the other hand, confirmation bias my explain any differences I think I’m hearing (I must confess, I expected to hear a BIG difference with my 20 year old 252/SC).

I’ll let it all run in for a week or so and post back

Isn’t there supposed to be quite a long ‘burn-in’ period after servicing? Particularly on the 252?

Hope it improves for you with time!

Well, a couple of weeks have gone by and I’m not noticing any “night and day” changes. Still sounds good but not the improvements others appear to be hearing with the service/DR upgrade.

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