Upgrade temptation - how/do you react/resist?

Just wondering about other people’s attitudes and approaches once the main thrust of system development is past and you’re more into a mature system state.

One way is avoiding temptation in the first place, e.g. by not reading hifi magazines - though that may be difficult if the subject overall is of interest and you simply want to know what is going on. So what happens when you do suddenly see something that sets upgrade thoughts running?

This is an invitation for stories or confessions or tips, whether how to avoid, how you have avoided, or how you had intended to avoid but succumbed!

In my case there is one perennial niggle, which is would a Chord MScaler be as wonderful a sounding thing to have as some people suggest? Every now and then something triggers it: most recently an observation in one of the cable threads that a particular dealer currently was offering at a remarkably good price. I was tempted enough to go to the dealer’s website and look - and almost ordered. But I managed to convince myself I would at least need to audition first to see if I agreed how good it is, and ask myself whether it would really make a difference to my enjoyment. I resisted, but I know that one will come back - I may succumb to hearing, but not until the time comes to change my store/renderer, which might in itself have a bearing on the effect.

Another temptation was last week seeing on eBay a truly serious active speaker system, an identical setup to the system that PMC’s owner uses himself at home, with a very good starting price. Far from cheap, but then it is about £75k value system. It was interesting enough to look into shipping costs. And there sat the temptation. Could I afford it? At the starting price yes, though less money for other desires when I retire next year - just a matter of priorities, and I only needed to consider the net cost after selling my existing amps and speakers making the cost of change more palatable. Could I fit it in the home? Just about, though somewhat over-bearing in present room, but planned house move after retirement means it could be factored in.

So should I bid, on the remote chance that no-one else does, and get a remarkable setup at an amazingly low cost? Oh it was so tempting. In the end I resisted, on the basis that other people would inevitably bid a lot more, and I do really have other things to do with money, and really my system sounds fantastic anyway. But it was touch and go. (And afterwards I found out that had I bid I would now be awaiting delivery…!)

’Always yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again’. Robert Heinlein


Perhaps this is more apt for your situation:

’Some temptations are so great it takes great courage to yield to them’ - Oscar Wilde

So does that mean that you are completely immune to temptation, or do you have to dig out the rulebook and read the riot act to yourself to fight it off?!

When i retired i was pretty careful with the finances until i was comfortable we could live on my pension etc. Then out of the blue the guy next door Charlie, same age as myself dropped dead, the other neighbour had a heart attack and survived. It changed my thinking…we immediately booked a week in a top hotel in Tenerife after Charlie died…and many others. The hifi expenditure has been high but affordable…the Coronavirus has reinforced my views, live for today.


This isn’t going to help with your query, but, you really should try the Mscaler. I think one needs a good amount of time with it, it’s not an A/B type of test, but one that you appreciate more over time. Take it out and you soon yearn for it back. Sorry…

Hmmmm. Not hugely familiar with the urge to upgrade or box swap. I tend to buy a full system; make a couple large adjustments in the first year; and live with it for 5-10 years.

My urge usually comes in the form of wanting to build a whole new system for another room. Bedroom, kitchen, office, whatever. Putting together a whole new system is great fun.

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