Upgrade the N172XS

Hi Well of Wisdom,
Is it worth getting a new DAC as an upgrade to my N-172XS streamer/preamp? What is the best way of connecting it? Want to still use N-72 as streamer and pre but to by-pass the internal dac?

Hi, you cannot take a digital signal out of the 172. If you want to use a separate DAC you would need to feed it from a separate digital source.

Thanks ChrisSU. Pity. And with only 2 analogue inputs (which I use for vinyl and Nak deck) I guess I have no options but to keep using the internal DAC. Thanks

Wow, I didn’t know that the 172 lacked a digital out. I have made quite a bit of use of the digital IO from my SuperUniti.

Best thing to do is to look for a used 272 and pop that in it’s place.

You could, but neither that nor any of the Unitis, even those with SPDIF outputs, allow you to route the signal out to a separate DAC, then back into an analogue input. To do that, you need separates.

I appreciate that, a 272 was a suggestion to upgrade the 172 as we’ve already established in the thread that the OP’s idea to use a separate DAC isn’t viable.

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