Upgrade the Olive system

Good choice! Be a little careful when choosing a 250, as they are old amps now and some have had unauthorised modifications which may or may not affect their performance.
The ND5XS2 is a great streamer. For all out sound quality improvements I would have gone for an NDAC, although you could always add one later.


Hey that’s what my chrome bumper setup is and it sounds wonderful

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On its own
Complete with dedicated mains power ?

I share my impressions of upgrading the source I chose Innuos Zen Mini. I settled on it to be able to upload my entire music collection, and at the same time the convenience of streaming. A few days since it arrived, I can see the positive aspects of the improvement in my system. I got more coherence and detail and extremely comfortable to use. Very happy! The built-in dac in it is good, but I find an improvement by adding the V1. Next step will be the Nap 250 and in the long term NDac.

Thank you!


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