Upgrade thoughts - time to tap into the collective wisdom of the forum

CDS3 or CD555, DR the 555 PSU and SC DR for the 282.



My wife, despite being a scientist, is not keen on tech in the home and gets frustrated pretty easily. That said, I often come home and find her playing music on the ND555, via the Roon app. She would NOT want cd’s back in the home.

Change often requires at least some investment in learning a new way to do something. Whether one chooses to make that investment is up to the individual. You may well be surprised how fulfilling the transition to ‘no more silver discs in the parlor’ can be. Or not.

Objectively, the market for cd players remains on the decline. The slope has been and continues to be downward. I would not over pay for Naim’s best cd player just because it’s Naim’s best. This is good advice from SJB. It’s not like someone will over pay YOU to buy it back!

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