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I’ll try and be as direct as I can , I only want to upgrade one item as I’m at the end of the upgraditis path in my life, so what’s it to be?
System: cds3 / 555ps / 282 / supercap / 250 all classic series running to audio physics tempo 3 anniversary, chord signature cables and indigo dins
Here’s my issue I’ve added a ndx as a strong disbeliever in streaming I’m quite enjoying it.
My thoughts 282 to 252
Ndx to nds as I’m quite simplistic and tidal or Spotify does me fine
Change speakers
Bearing in mind I only want to do one then this will be the finished product
I’m working nights so will be asleep all day just in case I don’t reply ,

I have an NDX connected to an nDAC/555PS and demoed an NDX2 last year. The NDX2 is nice, but I kept the NDX as I did not find that the difference in sound quality justified the price, considering my room, speakers, music preferences and ears. I use the NDX to stream Tidal, hi-res files and my own rips on a Synology NAS.

In December I bought a NAC252, which relegated my NAC282 to a second system. The NAC252 is more refined and a definite improvement, but I still like the 282, which is a bit more boisterous and, well, less refined.

For this year, I am still looking at improving/updating my streamer and TT. An NDS and Rega P8 are serious contenders.

I don’t know your speakers, so I will not hazard a guess on what they might sound like to you in your room.

With the benefit of being able to compare the 282 and 252 and because I am happy with the NDX, I would go for the 252 in your situation.

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Fair point leggit, I like the analogue sound of the cds3 if the 252 could match that better than the 282

I can’t really comment on the CDS3 as I have only heard one once on a friend’s system. That being said, the 252 seems no less ‘analogue’ than the 282. It is just more refined and seems to deliver more of everything with my sources.

Don’t forget that an NDS will also need a power supply, ideally a 555 or 555DR. That will mean at least one extra box and another shelf, so ‘just one item’ might entail more space and expense than you might expect.

I was hoping in the cheats way as I have 555ps and just connect that to the source I fancy using, not ideal but cost effective for sure

Small note on the speakers as I thought these were the weakest link the mid range is absolutely superb as is the definition albeit a bit bass light at times I added a rel sub but just find it too artificial

I mainly use Spendor 1/2 and 2/3 standmount speaker with the 252 and 282 systems and they sound terrific to me.

However, I also have two pairs of the smaller 3/5 speakers. Although they do not deliver the bass of the larger Spendors, I occasionally swap them around. The smaller Spendors also sound very good on the 252/250DR and 282/250.2 systems.

One pair of the 3/5 Spendors are usually connected to a CB 42/HC/140 system and have a little help from a subwoofer. It took me a while to get the subwoofer levels right, but I find that less is more and the sound is in no way artificial.

To be honest, the smaller 3/5 Spendors and CB system are all I really need, but who can resist the lure something a bit bigger and better?

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While I really enjoyed my 252 (now a 552), I suggest you can find a used NDS easily these days and I strongly advise a 555 DR with it. This will set you up for great listening to Tidal/Spotify, radio, and more on par with your CDS3. Mike

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I do love the cds3 555ps combo

If you love playing CDs on your CDS3, which is quite understandable as it’s a brilliant CD player, and if you only want to use the NDX for Tidal and Spotify, why improve the streamer? I’d suggest you’d be better getting the 250 and Supercap DRed. It’s worth ensuring you have a good stand and ideally dedicated mains. You don’t want a scenario of swapping the power supply between CDS3 and NDS, as both take a considerable time to sound their best once powered up.

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With speakers a bit bass light but enjoyed with the 250-2 I’d suggest caution with DRing, at least get a home demo of what you’d be letting yourself in for.

Is the system on Fraim?

Not a fraim… it sits on ash designs

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Full Fraim could be your upgrade than but finding a dealer willing to demonstrate it won’t be easy.

If you rigidly limit yourself to “one item” only, I would, (and I say this as an Olive user with very little experience of the Classic gear) seriously think about replacing the 282 with a 252, and getting both Supercap and 250 serviced and DR’d.

Other contributors on here can better advise than me regarding the benefits of DR, but I am sure both items would benefit from a service, plus you upgrade at the same time.

Tidal lossless, maybe, although on the 1st gen streamers it doesn’t sound as good as a locally streamed CD rip. Spotify, though, sounds really poor to me, and just isn’t suited to use with a decent HiFi system. So it seems inevitable that you will remain wedded to your CD player. If you want to give streaming a fighting chance in your system, have a listen to an NDX2 + PSU with some 24 bit Qobuz material.

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