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Hi Folks,
I currently run a superuniti with Focal Aria 936 speakers. While the sound is still amazing, the streaming features are now lacking.

With the budget I have, would a supernait 3 and ND5 XS2 be worth the extra expense over a uniti nova?

I also run an LP12/Ittok/DV XX2 so the phono option on the supernait is mute.

What do you think?

SN3 + ND5 XS2 work well, gives a lot of flexibility to refine it down the line in ways not possible with a Uniti product as well.


Hi, welcome to the madhouse! I can only comment in general terms as I have no first hand knowledge of the SN3 or ND5 XS2. What I would ask is what is your main source? If it is the LP12 in your position I would be considering a pre power combo to get the best out of it. Home demo essential if possible. Going by the comments of others I would think an sn3/nd5xs2 would have a clear advantage over the superuniti on sound quality and access to hires recordings and cd quality internet radio.
I’m sure some of the more knowledgable chaps will chip in!


And adopting separates give you flexibility to make changes easier later, like @Mr.M said

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Thanks guys, I am thinking the same lines, just the convenience of the unit I is hard to rule out. If I have the same control with the app as I do at the moment, the sn3 ndx5 is a done deal.

Yes, you have the same control with the app for the ND5 XS2, but all the extra features too (Chromecast, Qobuz, better buffering on Tidal etc).

The streaming functions of the separate streamers and Unitis is essentially the same. The difference with the ND5XS2 is that it has no remote control or screen, you just use the app for everything. Also, with a separate amp and streamer, you need to use the remote control that comes with the amp to control volume and input selection, or use system automation to allow the Naim app to do this, which isn’t quite as slick, but it still works.

I think this will be quite a personal thing in terms of screen vs no screen as well as a dedicated RCU.
I’ve owned both the ND5’s and now have an NDX2 and I very rarely use the remote or even look at the screen on mine and have it set to work “lights out” during playback.
Others swear by the screen and remote and chose it specifically for those features.
I certainly enjoyed the ND5 XS2 a lot, I think where it sits in terms of price point and performance it offers a whole lot and paired with a NAIT XS or Supernait 2/3 forms the basis of a wholly enjoyable digital source system.
The Uniti range is always going to have a ceiling of performance, the compromise in a fully integrated design is a constrained set of upgrade options and a performance compromise vs what the separates offer further up the range through XS, Classic and 500 Series.
The Uniti range is fantastic for an all in one but you can get a lot more even with a move to an XS based system. I have to say for me a real sweet spot in the range is the SN3 + NDX2 either with or without external PSU’s. I would say that though as that’s what I’ve currently got myself!


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