Upgrade to 200 Series

I’ve got a Naim Uniti2 and I’m itching to upgrade to the new 200 Series. I can’t do it all at once because I’m too poor. As a first move, would it be better to:
a) Add the NSC222 streamer and use the Uniti2 as the amp; or
b) Stream from Uniti2 and add the NAP250.

I’ve PMC Speakers so not looking to change them.

You’d probably get more benefit going with the new NSC222 first. You could connect via the RCA outputs on the 222 and use one of the RCA inputs on the Uniti 2. Set this input to fixed volume AV mode to allow you to bypass the Uniti 2 volume control.

Best thing would be to compare both options with your Uniti 2 and see what you think.

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If that’s the case don’t even bother. Just continue to enjoy your uniti2 if that’s the case

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I would get the 222, sell the Uniti and buy a used power amp. Trading the Uniti for a good used 200, or at a push even a 250, would be more or less cost neutral, and would give you a nice improvement in sound quality while you save for a new 250.

If I were you, I would continue playing on Uniti 2 until you can afford to buy both, if nothing else, you will avoid spending unnecessary money on cables to Unitin. Just keep saving and playing…

I’d second @james_n solution. The AV unity gain will work well and you know the Uniti 2 drives your speakers. I would say this is by far the best VFM and maintains balance for future upgrades in the New Classic.

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