Upgrade to 552 or 500?

Current system- ndx2/555psdr/52/supercap (had full service pots8)/135s (serviced 5 yrs ago).
Speakers - Kudos Titan T88s
2 fraim 4 level racks. Powerlines all around. Chord Sarum T 5 din-5din
All in very large room 30ft x 20ft with 16 ft cathedral ceiling
So…… what would be better first upgrade, 552 or 500? Would prefer dr but I’m open here.
Can’t do both
Or stay pat? My system sounds wonderful but just pondering

Stay put, or add erotic cables.


552 of course, 500 is last after everything else gets upgraded IMHO.


I upgraded to a 552 first, and it still awaits its 500 partner (to oust my 250DR), but I have always upgraded my pre amp before other things.

The problem is, however, that were you to upgrade to a 552, it would not sound its best until a 500 arrives, and that combo would not sound at its best until a ND555 arrives.

Maybe, as you have a 555PSDR already, go for the 552 and ND555 (ex dem or pre loved if it makes both affordable), with a view to a 500 following in time. This is what I did, and part-exchanged my 252/SCDR and NDS to sweeten the deal, (although the 552 arrived a bit before the ND555) and I think it is the least compromised route.


Upgrade your source.


I’d go for the 552 first. Then upgrade your source.

Here’s the Official Katzky2021 “All Naim” Upgrade Path

Starting with SNx & NDX2

  1. Dedicated circuit for hifi
  2. Powerlines
  3. SL Din → Din
  4. XPS
  5. Hicap
  6. 282
  7. 250
  8. Fraim
  9. 555 PS
  10. Supercap
  11. ND555
  12. 252
  13. 300
  14. SL Din → xlr
  15. 552
  16. SL speaker wire
  17. 500

Then you start a journey back to SN3 + ND555 and ultimately end up with just a Muso 2.


If your system sounds wonderful

Just buy more music and stay where you are


ND555 first IMO

I’d always pick the 552 first over the 500. I’d also want to demo the ND555…


If you are truly happy with the amazing system that you already have then why start down this new path? Using different/better kit may well throw a bit of a spanner in the works and improve some things at the expense of showing other shortcomings.
This would be fine if you were planning to upgrade the other pieces of kit over time, but you say this isn’t an option, so you could end-up with a system that sounds better in many ways but is now showing other weaknesses therefore is just not as enjoyable as your current system.


My thoughts too, if the system sounds wonderful and is enjoyable, swapping boxes could result in a series of changes to balance the system out again.


Keep it mate. 552 eats the pants off a 52 but the 52 eats the pants off most everything else. The 500 is very special but so are the 135. If you must upgrade get more 135 and go active, any moolah left over and if you are Married buy your lovely Wife something special. Win win :trophy:


you could try the superlumina 5Din to 5Din

the sarum T during my audition was…

an inferior cable to a SuperLumina…

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In my experience 552 which I’ve heard a few years ago in the Naim demo room with a NDX and was fantastic.

A dilemma but the 552 DR first, and then perhaps heresy but replace the 135’s with the 300DR.

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thanks for all the input
I am quite happy with my system now
Will ponder all of this.
If I add 552 first, worry that my 135s wont be up to the task…
Alot to think about

52 with 500 would be more problematic. The pre is never too good. What I think at least. ( don’t want to write the tiring IMO). :grin:

When the 500 was launched I believe that it was demonstrated and used with a 52 as the 552 wasn’t available then.

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