Upgrade to a Supercap (olive) or Karousel for the Linn?

So I have a bit of a dilemma. Have an option to go for a supercap for my 82 (currently on 2x HC) or a Karousel for the Linn and perhaps refurb my Troika .
The current system is Linn LP12 + Lingo 3, DV 20X, CDX2 + XPS, 82+ 2XHC, 250 and SBLs .
All views would be welcome!

Karousel is a big step up. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree. Tremendous upgrade.

Unable to offer an opinion on the benefits of a supercap v 2x HC.


Source first heart of the machine. :+1:t2:

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Adding a Supercap to my 82 was one of those big steps in sound quality. But I went from Flatcap to Supercap so your experience may be different.

Possibly depends where you want to end up. If you ultimately want a 52 then getting a Supercap when a deal appears is a good idea.

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I went from 2 HiCaps to Supercap 2 on my 82 pre. Lovely upgrade. From what folks tell me Karousel is the one to go for though! Source first and all! :wink:


I went from Hicap DR to Supercap DR on a 282 and it was a big step up in my opinion. But I’ve just put the Karousel in my LP12 and that’s transformational. I’m not normally given to hyperbole but I do think the Karousel deserves it. 100% in my experience the Karousel before the Supercap. And happily that’s the cheaper option which is a rarity in this game.


Lingo4 to go with the Karousel if funds can stretch somewhat more will transform your LP12 even further.

(no experience with the Supercap)

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Similarly, I have no experience of a HiCap/Supercap comparison.

Every aspect of my LP12’s performance through my humble 72/HiCap/250/Ariva speakers set-up has been transformed with the Karousel.
Your system will let you hear even more of what the Karousel can do. I cannot recommend it enough.

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Nice set-up!

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I went from 1xHC/82 to olive Supercap. Big smiles.

I recently upgraded to Karousel (with Kore and Trampolin 2). Even bigger smiles.

You shouldn’t go wrong with either option. I would say Karousel if vinyl is your main source. But if the supercap is a good price or good condition, it may be worth grabbing while you can. It took me a very long time sourcing top notch olive gear.


In order …

  • Karousel
  • Troika rebuild
  • SuperCap

Do let us know what you decide ?


Very sensible advice in my opinion regarding the olive Supercap being perhaps a rare opportunity and the Karousel a current upgrade.

Some more thoughts: Interesting that you have two upgrade paths both for the LP12-side and for the whole system. So if you’re looking for priorities and/or budget matching it would indeed also depend on what is your primary source, the CD or vinyl.
Perhaps you could give the full current spec of the LP12 to have a better picture of where that may go or should go optimally.
Finally, I’m sure you’ve seen Kuma’s thread Troika anyone? . The rebuild by Goldring looks so good, but the quoted £350 excluding shipping in 2019 could be almost double that now in these troubled times, with doubts about other rebuilders.


Just worth bearing in mind that the SC would benefit the LP12 and the CDX2…


Definitely, but that open window could also highlight work to be done on the LP12 even more, whereas the CD-side looks fine now.

So @c2photo could end up with two upgrades then. Which is fine if within planning, budget, etc. but the original question was either/or.

So that in my opinion would depend upon the SC opportunity, the general condition/spec of the LP12, the choice of primary source and of course the total budget now and later. Interesting dilemma!


Agreed @Svetty . I’m a big fan of what a Karousel brings, but if you listen equally to both sources then the addition of an SC to power the preamp will improve everything significantly.


Thanks everyone for your insights and views
Have one more question sort of related… is there any difference between an Olive SC vs a SC2 in sound quality?

I believe the Olive SC cannot be DR’ed - while the Black SC2 can…

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If I’ve understood others debate this in previous questions and threads, they are same basic design, although later variants, given that 10-15 years later, the SC2 is in a different case and uses some different components, in production.

In theory, that should be same, or at the least very similar.

The next variant along was DR, which you probably know is a different design and an obvious step up.

I have a nagging let’s say outstanding question about such things, as I hear a very slight difference between my Olive HC (serviced in 2021) and a HiCap2. The latter being preferred.

This difference wasn’t easily explained when I asked a similar question. The difference is not significant and may well be explained as simple incremental improvements to the basic design over time, in production (as was suggested at the time).


Just to help those following this thread to help you - question - what do you prefer or use most - CD or vinyl ?