Upgrade to Chord Sarum T or ChordMusic power cable

Hi, I am currently using Powerline. Anyone has experience with Chord Sarum T or ChordMusic power cable. I can’t get demo unit from my dealer here as they do not keep stock for both power cables.

I had a home dem/loan of these sometime ago and preferred the Powerline over the Sarum T.

The Music was maybe slightly better than the Powerline but, in my opinion, not enough to warrant paying so much more for one so I kept the Powerline.,


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Hi Richard, thank you for your sharing.

A while back i wrote to Chord asking them to make a super shielded hydra plug.
But no reply.

I guess there must be far more money in making super expensive singe kettle leads than hydras : /


In contrast to FF, I used to use Powerlines but now use SarumT’s throughout. For me there was no comparison.

Expensive wires are fine but after testing a few expensive wires with a poor source and a excellent source with a standard cable …

Source first still applies !


Don`t know about power cables…but Sarum T ethernet cable are very good but also very expensive.

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I think BigIsaac has a good enough source :wink:

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I recently tried a couple of Chord Music power cables. They did make a big difference, but at £10,000 they were other areas that made a bigger difference, not buying the Music cables allowed me to get an ND555.
So I agree, source first. Maybe a Chord makes sense to optimise your front end?
I have listened to Naim’s Powerline cables and I would say they are nowhere near as good, but at a tenth of the price, I wouldn’t expect it.

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Every Chord music or Sarum T on per connection is doing best…price is very expensive

I totally agree Monkey_Jim, it’s a huge expense and you’d need to consider very carefully where you invest that sort of cash.

There are though cables that I’d say, for me, are pretty much essential if you’re really serious about your music, including the cable that can’t be named.

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I would max out my black boxes before diving into the cables…
Imo, they are tone controls. That said, I have been very pleased at what the Music can do :sunglasses:

Do you really consider Music a tone control?

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I think you get the idea Dave…the Music will not make a 252 sound like a 552. Best money spent is on the boxes, source. I do hear differences in cables but have never been gobsmacked by the changes they may bring. Hence my tone control analogy…

Some source tweaks are still possible for the OP such as a Naim core, and also Cisco switches.

Also for the whole system dedicated mains?

Whilst I agree with the former statement (by and large) I disagree with the second. I tried a number of different interconnects and speaker cables over the years, and the upper-end Chord cables didn’t act like tone controls at all (unlike, say, Nordost) but simply allowed more music through without impacting traditional Naim values.


:small_blue_diamond:@Dave,…Is this cable at Music-level.??

It feels strange that we as adults,.have to talk like this in riddles.
It would be better if Naim had a cooperation with this cable-manufacturer,.so that customers automatically can get the “best” cable between these two “black boxes”

For responsible retailers,.who want their customers best,will still recommend this cable that can’t be named.
Not doing that would be “misconduct” according to me.


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I wish this cable that shall not be named could be. Since I’m in America can I get a hint? Is it US made or UK ?

:small_blue_diamond:@opus,…It is made by the same manufacturer who make Sarum T and Music-powercables. See the headline of this thread :wink:.


Ah Ha!

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