upgrade to NAP200 or NAC202?

Im planning to buy a Naim ND5XS2 streamer – what’s the best strategy for upgrading my other naim equipment, nap150 to nap 200 amp or nac115 to nac202 pre-amp? i can’t afford to upgrade both, so which would be the priority? Any advice/suggestions welcome.

morning @SoA welcome to the fourm

assuming seperates is your journey plan, I would look at 202 (ideally with HCDR) if budget allows or used 82 - source first

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What speakers are you using? It is important to get the synergy right there. If the 150 is managing fine then I might be tempted to go 202 first


Thanks – my speakers are AE109s

Go for the pre-amp, the gain will be bigger.


My initial thoughts were to go down upgrading the pre to a 202 but then I remembered how unpleasant (far too sharp and rough for my tastes) I found the 202 when powered off the 200 - but that was in the pre DR days.

If you can’t stretch to powering the 202 off a HiCap - preferably a DR but even non-DR is pretty good - then it might be that a 200DR - with the benefit of the built in DR supply - might be a good move though I’ve not heard a pre powered off a 200DR myself.

Best way is to demo the combinations at your dealer particularly if they have good used stock - that way you can be sure you made the right decision.



thanks. I have a great dealer who is going to do a home install on the nd5x and bring both the nap 200 and nac 202 for me to trial over 2 weeks to decide which sounds best to my ears in our listening room.

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That’s great. Let us know how you get on.



Hi – quick update, the ndx5 streamer plus nac202 upgrades blow me away compared to my previous system. Both still being run in but the dynamic range and musicality is v impressive. Upgrading from nap150 to nap200 improved things further, but will have to start saving for that (and the hicap power supply).

Speakers will be the final step, or I’ll be heading for the divorce courts!!
Any suggestions for speakers to trial when the time comes?


If it was 200DR, I’d suggest to move from 150 to 200DR first, due to the best power supply supplied by the 200DR to the Nac…

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Should have made it clear, the ndx and nac202 are a done deal, installed and bought.

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Speakers are the hardest part as its personal plus room dependant and of course theres a budget of? One can only guess.
Theres going to be all sorts of suggestions, perhaps:
ProAc Tablet 10
B&W 706
Wharfdale Lintons
Just might keep you from the divorce courts, all are fairly reasonable price wise
Or a S/H pair of Kans, my 200 really makes them sing.

Great, thanks. Budget £1 to 1.5k. I listen to funk, soul, electronica, house, jungle…

Same good taste in music as me! I’ve got a nac202, napsc, nap200 , hi Cap with neat momentum sx3i s which can be had reasonable now they have just been discontinued. Using a rel t7 for the really deep stuff like the dnb/jungle

Cool. Thanks. Hadn’t thought about a sub bass unit. Check out the nextmen lockdown sessions, streaming free live 7 til 9 Fridays

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