Upgrade to NDX from ND5XS


I suspect this was covered in considerable depth in the old forum but as that’s not available yet… So, there are plenty of NDXs available second hand right now and I’m considering getting one to replace my ND5XS. Two questions:

  1. I’d have to buy this blind, ie without listening. Any opinions from others who’ve done this as to the improvement (or not) you’ve found ? I’m using it with a Chord Hugo and a pair of B&W PM1s.

  2. My ND5XS had a problem with the display and had be sent to Naim for repair. I have read of others having this problem with the NDX, but have no idea how common it is - 1%, 50%, no idea. Can anyone comment ?



I think the only way you’re really going to find out is to listen for yourself.
Another option you could consider is a new ND5XS2. No chance of another screen failure then! This is a known issue with the old streamers, and the general advice is to keep it turned off whenever possible.

I have mine set to be on for 30 seconds. I don’t see any real need to have it on.

There are several ways of looking at this:

ND5XS and NDX as stand-alone players.
NDX is clearly a better player here.

ND5XS and NDX as digital transports:
Here the difference is not so clear-cut. I personally think that NDX makes for a better digital transport. But there are some that hear no difference between the two.

Slight deviation but if I were in your position I would seriously be looking at a used NDS there are some great bargains out there following the introduction of the ND555.

A used NDS is so underpriced at the moment and my dealer commented the other day that it still sounds better than the new NDX2.

Andy, that’s what I did and also received similar advice re NDX2. Major improvement over my NDX.

However the OP uses a Hugo and doesn’t have a power supply so a move to an NDS will be quite expensive.

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Thanks all. So, the usual advice of not doing anything without having a listen applies here. I’m good with that. I’m very happy with the ND5XS / Hugo combination I have so no rush. I’ll just keep in touch with my local dealer and wait till they get some in.

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