Upgrade to Tellurium Q Black 2 or Witch Hat Phantom?

I can only speak personally but unless you are peering at the back of the racks the black and white check is pretty well invisible. Non-issue.


Do you respect the same rule of a minimum of 3.5 meters for Tellurium Black as for Phantom and Naca 5?

Tellurium are quite secretive about specs so I think it would be best to stick to the minimum lengths. I ended up with a 5m set of TQ Black 1 as I bought the demo set.

Last year my pre developed a fault and had to go back to the factory so I put my nova on the fraim to step up to music duties in the main room. it was feeding my speakers via super lumina. As I was moving house I needed new speaker cables for the nova so I bought some Tell Q black 2. While the nova was on the fraim I thought I would switch the speaker cables over to the tellurium as I was packing everything else away ahead of house move. I was shocked how close they were to the SL speaker cables. I have not tried the Tellurium with the “proper” set up since getting my pre back but my view of them is they are great especially at that price point. I currently sitting in the office room with the Nova singing away via the Tellurium and sounds lovely to my ears.

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Maybe the SL is overrated

Big shoes for a Nova to fill!

When I sit listening I can see the leads coming out of the back of my amplifier. So if they were black and white checked it would look awful. So it can’t be dismissed as a ‘non issue’. It would certainly be an issue for me. The more discreet hifi is, the better.

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