Upgrade Uniti 2?

Simple question
Should I upgrade my Uniti 2 to the newer Uniti range? Looks like a Uniti Star is the newer equivalent. What would I gain in hifi/useability etc
I still like the idea of a CD player because I’m old fashioned! Although I stream virtually everything via Innuos Zen mini mk 2
Sensible replies welcome, thanks

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Star is great, highly recommend for stream, rip, cd playing etc

The Star is your only option if you want a CD player, although given it’s improved streaming abilities you may find yourself playing CDs even less often than you do now! Also you are paying for basic ripping and storage options that you don’t need as you have the Zen which is much more capable in this respect.

The Star has a slot - loading CD player, replacing the pull out drawer, so presumably not prone to the failures of the drawer drive and lasers. Having two USB inputs means you can use a hard drive at the rear to rip to, and play other stuff at the front one. No Wi-Fi aerials either.

I have a Uniti2 and a Nova and though the later is better, I think that as you have the Zen there is not much in it and a Star won’t give you more usability and limited sound quality improvement.

Rather fortunately though, the Uniti2 has a line out connection. So you could retain your current usability with the Zen and use the Uniti2 for the CD mechanism and DAC and output into an integrated amp such as a SN2 or SN3. I’ve done this with a SN2 and it was a very good setup. Otherwise you could add a power amp through the pre output on the Uniti2, but the SN will likely give you the better sound quality.

Hi singgs, I moved from a Uniti to a Star a while back, the difference is SQ was very worthwhile for IMO. I also got the optional FM and DAB module because I did listen to radio a lot. I used those a lot for about a year and gradually used internet radio more often - but the SQ is still better on FM and DAB IMO, so if there’s a choice I will often listen on FM or DAB. Qubuz Hi Resolution recordings are really good and I hardly buy CDs’s for new music anymore - but my old CD’s still sound really good on the Star. Best wishes Amer

My upgrade path with the Uniti2 has been to add an Audiolab cdt and MDAC+, and this has produced a significant improvement in CD playback. I listen mostly to CD, then vinyl, then iradio. I’m not in to streaming or ripping so far. I think my next upgrade would be as Mike_S suggests - a power amp from the preamp on the Uniti2. I quite fancy a Quad amp - mix 'n match has worked out ok so far.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful responses; they have given me plenty to consider

I’ve had a think after the responses and here’s my summary:
I love the sound of the Uniti 2 so that is not a concern
Interestinlgy, 2 of the issues that I have had with the Uniti 2 are touched on -
I’ve never liked the CD transport on the Uniti 2 and it would sometimes fail to read CDs so a slot mechanism would be better, IMO
Secondly, I could never get the wifi aerial to work on the Uniti 2 so I have always had to hardwire it via an airport express. Does the Star have a better wifi connection?

Oh, and I prefer to stick with the one box solution so adding amps etc is not of interest

I went from uniti 1 to nova and the Wi-Fi performance is massively better so I imagine the star would be the same

1st gen Naim streamers have poor wifi performance and are best used with wired Ethernet. The current models use decent 802.11ac wifi so you should find that you can do without the Airport Express.

I’m not sure that slot loading CD drives are inherently better - if they were that good wouldn’t more CD players use them. They tend to be used in computers and rippers, not least because they save space, but if you have discs that other drives struggle to read the way the Star buffers them them into RAM may well help.

If you want a single box them the Star is a good option for you, otherwise you could just add a CD transport to the Uniti2, or a Nova.

Would the Uniti atom be less powerful than the Uniti 2 because I do like the power/headroom of the Uniti 2?

I have a Star, an upgrade from a Uniti1, and Wi-Fi has been quite reliable, and I have found an improvement in vinyl replay as well as CD, and internet radio is good, to me. I do find that a bit of precision is needed when inserting a CD, it needs to be horizontal with no up/down tilt but otherwise it’s very good. I did try the HDMI arc connection, worked well,but already have a tv speaker.
The Star is rated at 70 wpc, so the same as your 2, and presumably accounts for my improved performance. A recent upgrade to the Naim app has made life easier, too.

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