Upgrade which way to go?

My current system is nac282, cdx2.2, ndac, xps2, hicap dr, nap250.

What would you suggest a supercap dr or upgrading the power amp to a nap 300

Do you already have dedicated mains and a good equipment support? Whether a 300 is a good idea partly depends on which speakers you have.

I do have dedicated mains and speakers are bowers and Wilkins 804 d2, equipment stand is good.

So what is it that you find lacking in the music reproduction ?

I don’t particularly find anything lacking, maybe a bigger soundstage but just wanted to get a little bit more of what I have now or see what a 252 does in my system, hence the supercap dr idea and I know this partners better with a nap300

I bet your set is fantastic. My only thought when reading about it was that you would want two stands wouldn’t you, a brawn stack and a brain stack, so that cable dressing could be optimised.

Yes that sounds a great idea as the cables are a mess right now, I wasn’t sure how much dressing the cables did for the sound.

Dressing seems to “help” a bit…
Perhaps set aside a few hours this weekend ? :grinning:

Would that be a room or acoustics matter rather than Ă n equipment related issue ?

I will do, thanks

The room is a decent size with 3 sofas, big rug, carpets, curtains and pictures on the wall so it isn’t bright in any way but I guess it could be,.

The nap300 i have makes the sound a lot wider and body over a 250DR.
De 250DR is more direct and less layback then a 300.
But the 300 has much more control.

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Than you for your response, my brother has a 300 so I might get him to bring it round so I can hear the difference

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I would definitely say that the 300 gives the and and factor. More control and more body (power). The 252 gives more control, although it did not do it in my set with the Hartbeths, as the 300 gave the woooo, yes factor. Of course your speakers are very different, so I would say, listening is the best way to judge. And what I would recommend at first is provide your speakers with the best position. I would use the disk of Nordost. This works the same with any speaker, and has nothing to do with your existing cables. It helps you center all the things that are essential for good positioning.

I would look into different speakers… The electronics are fine, maybe an update to a 250DR…

I know speakers are personal… but I find Dynaudio and Naim make a good combination

Spendor D7 also sounds good with Naim

I had Dynaudio confidence c1 prior to these speakers and liked the b&w more, I know these divide opinion but I really enjoy the sound, the Dynaudio sounded a little fatiguing after long listening they are more clinical in sound, will borrow my brothers nap 300 and see what it does. Also if I’m going down the supercap dr route will have 250 dr’ed

I can’t comment on BW speakers but speakers are room dependent of course

SCDR is the most obvious upgrade. Transforms the 282 and is a stepping stone to the 252.



I can borrow my brother’s nap 300 so will give it a trial with current set up, thank you

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I would also look into ps555 non dr for the NDAC

I don’t feel any motivation to upgrade from my own 282/Hcdr /250 dr

Everything sounds balanced and musical, at this point on its only source upgrades for me

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Good plan :+1: