Upgrade with 2/3 Powerlines or 2nd HCDR?

So this is not about a Supercap upgrade as that has been discussed many times. In a few months I’ll have enough to add either a second preloved HCDR, or get 2/3 preloved Powerlines (or possibly buy a new Strat).

So ignoring the Strat, does anyone have any experience to know which would give the greater improvement, 3 Powerlines or 2nd HCDR?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, there is nothing wrong with my current system - absolutely love it, but a 2nd HC and eventually a possible SC was always the long term plan. Thank you

I have powerlines on all my boxes, so maybe I’m biased, but I think that they will bring a more cohesive improvement to your system.
When I tried a second Hicap on my 282 it clearly made a difference, but not one that convinced me I needed it, so I put it on my stageline instead, where it was transformational.
When it comes to which box to connect your Powerlines to don’t forget your NAPSC. Before I had enough Powerlines for all boxes I attached one to the NAPSC in preference to having it on my 250,


Very helpful thank you. And of course a couple of powerlines wont cost any more electricity. Unfortunately my NAPSC is hard wired (version 1) so the best I could do is to replace the plug with one from my power line lite.

In all honesty as someone who mostly hates (or is disinterested in) guitars/guitar stuff:

1 - new Strat - you’re going to love that surely?
2 - Powerlines at good prices - nice, you can always sell on or repurpose
3 - Second HCDR - test first if possible, only way to know if it’ll trump 1 & 2. It might trump 2. For pure hobby enjoyment if you’re a guitarist I think I’d go for a suitable 1, but again demo it!


I think demo’ing one will not be easy, although some eBay places do allow a 14 day return. Not sure I’d be on their Christmas Card list if I did that, and doesn’t seem fair.

Strat will be an upgrade from my Mexican made Strat to an American one. I’m not really good enough to do it justice, but hobby purchases don’t need to make sense.


As an owner & user of only Squier Made in Indonesia Strats, surely your MIM is good enough…? Stick with that - and blow the ‘saving’ on the HiFi… :crazy_face:

I’d suggest if a SC is in your long term plan then go for the pre-loved Power-Lines and put the money saved towards the SC.

You’ve got a nicely balanced system and have built a very good foundation by installing dedicated mains, so for me, a couple of Power-Lines would be the logical next step.


I tried a 2nd HiCap when I had 282/250. Didn’t do it for me whereas a Supercap certainly did.

Thanks @IanRobertM yes the MIM is actually very good, and nothing wrong with it. Its now about the same age as my Amp/Pre-amp so maturing well. Also I don’t like any of the current colours on offer - mine’s a lovely electric blue

Thanks @james_n A NAC 52 isn’t even a long term plan, so the SC has less of an attraction at the moment - unless I win on the lottery of course

Thanks @steveo was the 2nd HC worse than one HC in your opinion, or just not as good as the SC. My thinking from what I have read is that a 2nd HC and/or Powerlines should always yield an improvement, whereas an SC might albeit arguable by some

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Lols. On this theme, I am part way through stripping a bad re-finish off one of my Squier Strat bodies. And - wow - there is a lovely original Sunburst finish underneath… So… just do a good job removing the refin then clear coat over that…!!!

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The second HiCap wasn’t worse but it didn’t improve things to the extent I’d anticipated. The Supercap on the other hand went beyond my expectations.


That was very similar to my findings. It’s something you need to try yourself really as we all value different things in the final result.

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