Upgrade with FlatCap >> connect to both the XS2 & Supernait 1?

Needs some help from you Naim experts :wink:
Considering a FlatCap upgrade for my Naim components.

My current setup:

For the HiFi in the dining room:

  • Naim ND5 XS2 (source)
  • Naim Supernait 1 (amp)

For the HiFi in the living room:

  • HDTV >> Marantz AV7701 (source)
  • Naim Nait XS2 (amp)

All Naim components are positioned close together.
Now I am considering buying a Flatcap as an upgrade.

Some questions:

  1. is it true that a Flatcap can power 2 Naim components?
  2. does that mean I can connect the Flatcap to the XS2 & the Supernait 1 to power them (both at the same time)?

I looked at the Flatcap manual, but can’t really figure out (I simply don’t understand) how to connect the Flatcap to both the XS2 and the Supernait 1.

  1. Does that require 4 cables?

  2. If so, is this the right way to connect the FlatCap?

  • cable 1: power amp in on Nait XS2 <> signal out a on FlatCap,
  • cable 2: pre-amp out on Nait XS2 <> power out a on FlatCap,
  • cable 3 pre-amp out on Supernait 1 <> power out B on FlatCap,
  • cable 4: power amp 1 on Supernait 1 <> signal out D on FlatCap

Hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards, Frank

You ‘could’ do this albeit it’s a rather strange setup and ultimately compromised. I’d be tempted to leave the Flatcap upgrade, partner the Nait XS2 with the ND5XS2 and use the SN1 with the AV setup

Have to agree with James… the FC won’t give you a noticeable improvement on the xs2. It’s a great integrated as is. It will partner the streamer beautifully. Give A/V duties to the Super.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with a FlatCap. Your SN1 deserves a HiCap, preferably DR. When I had a SN1, adding a HiCap transformed it and getting the HC DR’d led to another significant improvement. It obviously depends where you live, but you should be able to source a used HCDR at a reasonable price.


thx for your quick reply.

The Nait XS2 has a convenient AV-bypass mode, the SN1 doesn’t. That’s why I chose partnering / setup.

a few follow-up questions: how to best connect the SN1 to my Marantz AV7702 or even directly to my Ziggo Mediabox XL?

Possible setups:

  • HDMI out of Ziggo Mediabox XL >> Marantz AV7702 >> pre-out RCA >> DIN-input on Nait XS2 (current)
  • alternative setup #1: HDMI out of Ziggo Mediabox XL >> Marantz AV7702 >> pre-out RCA >> DIN-input on SN1
  • alternative setup #2: SPDIF out of Ziggo Mediabox XL >> SPDIF in of SN1
  • alternative setup #3: HDMI out of Ziggo Mediabox XL >> HDMI in on Marantz AV7702 >> SPDIF out on Marantz AV7702 to SPDIF in on SN1

I tried the 2nd alternative before, but found that:

  • SN1 has no AV-bypass, so stuck with two devices with volume control
  • SN1 dac can only deal with PCM, which loses the opportunity to use Dobly Digital
  • I lose the room correction of the Marantz AV7702 (which I do prefer)
  • I worry about the bandwith of the PCM audio signal since I have a 2.1 setup and SPDIF only has the bandwith of losless for 2 channel max

Any tips on improvement are very much appreciated!

Ok thanks, will cancel on all FlatCap ambitions… :wink:

Any other tips on improvements are welcome!

How would you connect the SN1 to my Marantz or HDTV setupbox?

This is not correct. Like the Naim pre-amps, the Supernait has a unity gain option that can be enabled for its AV input, which offers a bypass mode for when an AV processor is connected.

From the manual;

Unity Gain enables an audio-visual processor to be integrated such that its volume control takes over command of signals connected to selected preamplifier inputs. On the NAC 552 Unity Gain may be selected on DIN input sockets 4 and 5. On all other preamplifiers it may be selected on only the av input.

To select Unity Gain, first switch the preamplifier into program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key (with the handset in preamplifier mode). The front panel source mute button (NAC 202 mute button, NAC 152 XS and Nait 5i av button) will illuminate if Unity Gain
is selected. If it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing the same button twice.

note: Unity Gain (AV Bypass) on the Nait XS is not engaged in program mode but via a rear panel switch.

With Unity Gain enabled on the NAC 552, pressing the source mute button again will reveal the inputs selected by their indicators illuminating for a short time. Repeated operation of the button will sequentially select each combination of the available inputs, and Unity Gain disabled. When the desired inputs are indicated, stop pressing the button. The selected inputs will then be enabled for Unity Gain. The handset can also be used to select Unity Gain. See table 28.10.

Unity Gain only becomes operational on exit from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key.

note: The preamplifier will leave program mode automatically if no control commands are received for five minutes.

To keep it simple, i’d use the Marantz for all the audio processing - just pass the front channels to the SN1 and follow Richard’s advice above for unity gain mode. In your setup i do wonder what the SN1 brings to the party in your AV system though - do you have a turntable or something else connected to it ? What do you use for amplification on the other channels ?

Ah great tip, this is totally new to me.

Can’t reproduce the section in the manual, where do you see the Unity Gain option in this manual: SuperNait 1 manual from Naim website?

Marantz is pre-amp only, so only signal processing / no power amps.

I use a 2.1 setup:

  • 2x Kef LS50
  • 1x B&W DB3 as a sub

Ah ok - i assumed you had a full 5.1 setup. Just use the SN1 in AV bypass mode (once you work out the setting) for the KEFs

Go to Section 28.2.

Found it! Never scrolled passed the SuperNait section, before. Thx!

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