Harsh, very harsh. Regrettably though, very fair.
The 250DR is a real return to form for Naim though, a much more musical amp.
In short, I second your view :smiley:

Now, back to our pre-historic relic of an amp that sounds quite sprightly for its age…

Best regards, BF

Yes, perhaps source first.

popeye,Cardoso,Beachcomber,hungryhalibut,Bluesfan,NFG,steviebee,Yeti and cane yam,thank you all for your suggestions for my upgrade issue.There has been a change in my priorities.I was offered an Mcintosh MR71 vintage tube tuner at a very interesting price and in a spotless shape, so I purchased it.I will bear in mind all your replies for the time I will decide for this upgrade.
Thanks again.


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