I have a 250 chrome bumper, 282 pre and supercap, michel orbe,ear834p phono stage bower and wilkins 804 nautilus speakers, what if any would be a worthwhile upgrade,?

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It rather depends on what you think may be wrong with your system and what if anything is taxing your ears and enjoyment of the music. Also the kind of music you listen to.

But for now, you might consider a service for your NAP250 if this has not been done for many years. The original NAP250 on song is better than the later versions in my view although the newer DR version is very good.

Another possibility is a different Phono stage. I have heard your unit and although very good in many ways is not to my taste as it is rather polite I thought although very good for Classical music and the like. But this is where it depends on what you listen to or prefer.

Depending on what you would like to spend You could listen to Rothwell Rialto, Naim Stageline, Rega Aria etc. The best cheaper option I think is the IFI Audio Zen Phono.

Hi, many thanks for your reply, nap 250 serviced every 10 years, i listen mostly to country , blues, some rock/pop, my system at present sounds very good, i was just wondering if it was possible to improve it without spending ten,s of thousands , i tend to agree with you that maybe the phono stage may be a weak link , but can,t believe a stageline would improve it, i use a koetsu rosewood signature cartridge,

A better phono stage is where I’d start.
Tonearm is what?

Thank,s tone arm is sme5 gold.any suggestions for phono stage,

Trade 282 for a 252 would be my instinct having done this…

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If you like the EAR sound, you could look at their 88PB or 324 phono stages. These sometimes turn up second hand, or even consider searching for a Tron phono.

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The Naim Stageline might, it is all about listening. I did offer some other options and if you want to spend more money and get what I think is about the best Phono stage for around £1000 try the Rega Aria. But another that is excellent for a bit less is the Origin Live Discovery 1.

Sounds like a new phono stage. Everybody will suggest theirs, so I’d go/did go with a cyrus phono signature and it’s psxr2. All in about £2ks worth.

I have a recently serviced CB250. The 250DR I also have is so much better. I would start there.

I don’t know your phono stage but if I was looking for a new one then I’d look at the Goldnote PH-10 and psu.

I don’t think the Rega Aria is a real upgrade vs the Ear 834 p. Just different. The Koetsu Rosewood signature deserves really more.

I agree that the Ear 834 phono is more on the polite side. I would go for a good SUT with it, specially as you have the Koetsu Rosewood signature. Bob devices, Ear Mc4, or Auditorium 24. Your cart deserves it, as your all system.
I have the Ear 912, same inside as the Ear 88 pb. It’s very dynamic and nice in the same time, but the Ear 88 pb costs around 3,5 k GBP.

Ear MC4. 1,7 k euros.

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Perhaps but as these things are a matter of taste and listening it depends on the individual.

One, of course, could go more expensive/ambitious in the make of Phono stage but as the only guide to budget is that they do not wish to spend 10s of thousands it is hard to know where to pitch what they are after or trying to address.

Personally, I would have the Rega Aria over the Ear unit but that is not going to be everyone’s choice.

If going for a higher-end sound I would think about an Origin Live Discovery 2.

Honestly I would go for neither of both. Maybe a second hand Superline or Tom Evans the Groove.
If 3k, Ear 88 pb would be my choice. It has not the polite sound signature of the 834.

As you are all Naim perhaps a Superline or a 250DR I’ve owned every Naim 250 and as good as they all are the 250-2 was the worst and the DR was best.

Some like a lot the Dynavector phono. But I have never heard.

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