Time to move onwards and upwards.

My ND5XS streamer is getting on a bit and limited to Tidal (non high Res) CD quality only. Plays in a Supernait 2 plus bespoke (Ditton 44) rebuilt speakers system which actually sounds pretty decent.

So without going completely insane on budget what could I move on to (naim wise obviously).

Second hand or new?

An NDX2 would be good. It sounds a lot better and is more flexible and future proof.

And if HH didn’t have Covid, he would for sure have suggested swapping the SN2 for a SN3. The NDX2 and SN3 work very well together and both can be upgraded with external power supplies later if you wish.

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Does Qobuz hi res work with the ND5XS if you bring bubble upnp server in to the mix?


Well the SN2 is going nowhere as I like it’s sound and it compliments my speakers very well.

The upgrade is more about streamer flexibility. As mentioned Qbuz would be a nice (without external additions) and I am not looking for an insane number of boxes clogging up my rack.

So an NDX2, is that going to give me Qbuz natively?

I just blew £17k on a Jaguar XK so big budgets are out just for now.

Cheers. Gaz

An ND5XS2 would work well with your amp, and it would be a nice sound quality upgrade over the Mk1 version you have as well as adding native support for Qobuz, lossless iRadio, etc.
Of course an NDX2 would be better if you have the budget, but the ND5 is still a good option.


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