Upgraded the Sub in my system

I’ve upgraded the subwoofer in my system from a REL S3 SHO to a REL S/812.

This upgrade has transformed my system hugely in partnership with different cables.

Last year I bought PMC Twenty5.26i speakers and about a month ago replaced the NAC A5 with Phantom cable as well as a Morgana (system is 250DR/272/XPSDR).

Those cables made a very significant difference, providing more detail, much more sophisticated bass and a brighter high end. The sub at that point wasn’t offering a huge amount to the speakers and after replacing it the sound seems so much more realistic and the dynamic range seems to have expanded at both ends.

I’m just so very happy with those upgrades that I wanted to share. It’s like a black box upgrade or even 2…


Ive just installed my 1st ever sub! So why do you think the new sub is such an improvement?

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