Upgraded to a bigger SSD on Uniti Core, but Core can’t “see” new SSD

I am soon to run out of space on the 1 Tb SSD I first installed in my new Uniti Core. Now, about a year later, I need a bigger drive. Bought a 4 Tb Samsung EVO and carefully substituted the new for the old. Followed the directions to configure a new Music Store, but got stuck here:

  1. Touch Configure new music store

Because the response to that is:


So it seems it can not find the new SSD. I don’t know what I could possibly be missing or doing wrong. We replaced the old SSD with a new one being very careful to do it exactly as the old.

Advice much appreciated.


The new SSD is formatted NTFS or FAT32 to the same standard as the old one being replaced - not unformatted?

No Drive found can mean it can’t find a formatted drive perhaps?

The new drive is not yet formatted. I thought that was part of the process tree I was following. I’ve looked and looked and have to assume that formatting is part of the process. Directions are as follows:

“To start your music store setup, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Manage Music’, followed by ‘Configure music stores’ and then ‘Configure new music store’. Uniti Core will then search for all the possible locations (on both locally attached storage and on network attached storage) that could be used for storing audio files.”

Then it goes on to say the Uniti Core will look for a drive to configure, NTFS for Windows Users, will ask for a name for the drive, etc etc… which implies that it will format the drive.

It can’t seem to find the internal file with which to do all that…


Yes formatting is part of what happens when you are setting the drive up so it could be formatted with green bananas out of the box and the Core should still find it.

Two thoughts. Firstly I would try stopping and restarting the app and if that doesn’t work then restart the Core again and then also restart the app again.

Second thought is to factory reset your Core. You do that by taking the power right off, hold down the on/standby switch and apply the power again. Keep holding the button until the light by the front panel USB flashes then take your finger off the button and let it finish restarting. You have to configure any settings again from scratch including of course the new music store.



So often you come to my rescue! Unfortunately, this time, I didn’t have any success. I restarted everything as you suggested and am following the setup process. When I come to setting up the music store, I run into the same problem, “no drives found”.
What else can I try?

Hmm. I’m inclined to suggest you put the old drive back and it should find that ok. It won’t ask to format it but rather should say it has found a previous music store and ask if you want to use it. You say yes obviously.

If that works then I’m inclined to think that your new SSD is faulty and you should return it for an exchange.

If the old SSD doesn’t work either then I’m not sure…



Exchanged SSD and new one works like a charm!


Excellent. I thought a non-functioning SSD was the most likely explanation.



Just as a footnote, last week someone from the IT support company my company employs told me that all SSDs have a maximum number of read/ write operations before they fail.
Is this why Naim recommend Seagate “pipeline” HDDs (according to my local dealer)?
Backup your precious music guys!

I think the pipeline series were for storing video surveillance and are relatively slow, but reliable. If you do not switch off the Core the hdd is always spinning, so i think naim chose it for extended use and reliability.

As Gaza says. But Naim also recommend the Samsung 850 EVO SSD, which has been superseded by the 860 EVO SSD.



And I wish they hadn’t. I just bought an 860 EVO which I’m all but certain is overkill for my system. I am all too susceptible to the guidance which suggests it’s important if you want good SQ to keep everything as quiet as possible. Even though it was painfully expensive to buy a 4 Tb SSD i couldn’t seem to make myself ignore that guidance.

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