Upgraded to NDX2 & SN3 - now for the speakers


Looking for some advise please.

I have recently upgraded from an Atom + Nap100 to NDX2 & SN3.

I have had the new system for approximately 3 months now & i am absolutely delighted with the uplift.

However, i am still using my KEF LS50’s which i got for the Atom & i’m thinking they must be a limiting factor now.

While KEF’s are doing a great job, i would really appreciate some advice on suitable upgrades, ideally stand mounters (room is approx 5m x 6m) and a budget of up to £4k.


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I only imagine… congrats! :fire:

I would , from experience, choose something like a proac D20r ; pmc 25.23 or audiovector sr3 arreté

However, as others members will say, depend on personal taste. Ideally audition in home if possible


I’ve heard a NDX 2 & SN3 do some wonderful things with a pair of Neat Ministra stand-mounts. Mind you with £4k to play with one is literally spoilt for choice. With many dealerships about to open their doors for booked appointments, it maybe very wise to give them a call and go listen to a few.

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How about an audition of a pair of PMC twenty5.22i’s? Standmounts at around £3200

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Or a pair of Proac D2R standmounts?


Dynaudio Heritage special?

I would throw in the Harbeth Compact 7’s. They always get excellent reviews and give you a sense of the music without dazzle.


Or Special Forty …

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Some good suggestions so far, I would also add ATC to your list. SCM 7/11/19 or 20 depending on size. Whatever you get, don’t forget to allow something in your budget for stands.

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Do you want to keep the KEF style sound? Do you want standmount or floorstanders?

Your room size could work with the KEF R7. The R3 is also very good if you get the placement right, it scales well with the electronics. Of course you can spend more and go with their Reference series. You can get a used pair of Reference 3 for your budget.

If you want another type of sound, you need do be more specific about what you are looking for. There are too many good speakers at 4k :slight_smile:

Also, while a good speaker should work well with any type of music, it would be interesting to know what type of music you want the speaker to reproduce at its best.

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That’s interesting conlegno - I do have a soft spot still for KEF as I was really happy with the LS50. Can I ask when you say right placement with R3 what would that be or what to avoid. The reason I ask is I find the LS50’s are quite forgiving where I currently have them situated close to a wall.

Music wise it’s varies but mainly lots of old school rock, blues ,indie, alternative, with a pinch of jazz & a sprinkling of reggae


Thanks will have a look at these

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Thanks for all the advice above - lots of great suggestions to get me going - as ever with this, the more I get to know the more I realise I don’t know but it’s all part of the fun I guess

My own experience and recommendation for speakers with a NDX 2 & SN 3 would be the ProAc D2’s (dome) or ProAc D30RS speakers. I have owned both sets and love the ProAc/Naim combination.

If you can demo in the shop and at home to be sure. I was fortunate to have the opportunity with both set of speakers mentioned above prior to making my decision.

I did demo the D2R & D20R in the shop as well and they would be a good match.

Good luck with your search and decision…


Then i d stay with KEF unless you want to jump on a long journey :wink:
I had the R3 before and i really loved the speaker. As with most speakers they will benefit from some space from the front wall eventhough i thought that they image quite well even if they are closer to that wall than my current speakers. But you will really hold them back if you don t give them at least 40cm from that front wall.

Also the amount of toe-in changes their sound quite a lot so you can adjust it to your liking.

According to your music tastes i think that the Kef R series would be a great allrounder. I would probably go with the R7 if standmounts are an option and if lower bass is important.

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I purchased my PMC OB1s online for a lot less than your budget. I’ve been delighted with them.

They come up all the time and would be suited to your room size!

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I have just got the same system of NDX2 and SN3, now with a Hicap, and tried many speakers, some on home demo, before settling on the ATC 40’s.
I can highly recommend these and they would be around your budget.


Well all depends on your room based on my own experience I start with the Kudos S10s.

Now you have the ‘uplift’ to your system audition the ATC SCM40 speakers, if you like them it will probably evolve into a ‘keeper’ system and you will spend the rest of your time rediscovering your music.


If you need to keep close to wall maybe kudos 505