‘Upgraded’ Urika II to I

I finally got round to reverting my Urika II upgrade today. David at the SO in York had kindly kept hold of my old Urika I. Its so nice to have it back. I can listen to Vinyl for hours at a time again - I found the Urika II technically better in terms of sound floor and detail. But there was no magic and it sounded digital, even clipped at times when fed into a 552. It typically took 60-90 minutes to warm up via a Klimax DS/3. By then I had a headache.

My LP12 had sat unused for several months. Not any more ;-). If you are considering upgrading Urika in the context of an analague preamp, make sure you get an extended demo before you pay to break that all analogue chain.

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Hi Badger
I’ve had the conversation many times with Dave regarding the Urika II and could never understand why you would want to digitise the analogue signal from a LP12
Why did you decided to change when you have a 552 ?

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:small_blue_diamond:@badger1,…I really agree with you on this.

I have more information from retailers world-wide about this you bring up.
But it suffice to say that we agree with you.

But if you ever get the opportunity,.listen to Lejonklou’s new MC-riaa Entity.
A lot of people have switched from Urika to Entity,.I’m one of them.
You have more information on Lejonklou’s forum.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

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A mistake really. I have a friend who has an exact active linn system. He said said that that it was a big improvement in his system. But I guess that makes sense in the context of an already digitised signal.

Anyway, no real harm done other than depreciation on a urika II. Loving having that analgue sound back.

Interesting, will investigate. Thanks.

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Well, analog it ain’t.


I wonder how many others have reverted from Urika II to I?


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