UPGRADES IN 2019 - my thoughts your views

new year - new forum, thinking about upgrades for this year - I play 90+ vinyl vs digital on NDX,
Bio on my page on deck but 282/HCDR/300DR

having lissened to and had demo’s during 2018 these are my thoughts

1: LP12, my preffered source following some major work in 2018 ran out of cash! so either the Tiger Paw Javelin or Ekos SE arm -

2: this will prob be in 2 stages - SCDR for my current 282, and then yes possible move to 252, unless I see a used 552 for the same money as a 252/SCDR

3: and this may be first or last?? new speakers - i have lisened to a lot and my mind is pretty much set on the new Kudos T505 which I adore!!! or T606 but a little to large for my room recent demo on 282/SCDR/250DR with NDX2 - was breathtaking


just as an update, I have asked my dealer to reserve a used SC they have so I can add to my 282, but I have also asked them to look at the cost of PX on 282 and new 252

feel this will add to the whole system and up lift both sources LP12 & NDX

might need to look at FRAIM and increase shelf so 252 has space or move the LP12 onto Wall shelf, but not sure my walls will hold deck

one question, will have a spare HCDR, question - sell or use HCDR to power stageline or let 252 do this with SC, thoughts ?

My thoughts are …loose the stageline and get a superline before anything else if you are really into your vinyl

@anon23139555, thanks but the stageline has been in the system for a number of years and certainly punches well for the £££ use S with a DV20X

my thoughts possible move in some time to is to move to Radikal from my Lingo 4 and then internal Urika but may well demo this against the Superline

You’ve got lots of ideas (as do we all), but you need to sort the wheat from the chaff with a good listen. I have no idea where you are located, but Cymbiosis just outside Leicester can demo the differences between the 282 and 252 as well as the LP12 in a variety of configurations, including with TP. They also sell Kudos, so if you really love those speakers you can do all your auditioning with them.

People have all sorts of ideas here on the forum (and elsewhere) but you may well find otherwise and it’s best to find out for yourself before spending rather than after :wink:

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Three little numbers Anthony, 5 0 5 :blush:

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Thanks @Michaelb I have known @Cymbiosis for many years and have spent a number of very happy and have to say costly hours there with the team always been superb advice

Have listened to all sorts of combinations hope the 252 will get in to my system and then electronics pretty much sorted with 252/SC/ 300DR

it looks like 252/SC first and then the T505’s unless…

will talk to Peter soon

T505’s will give you the biggest upgrade Ant, ask @Lindsaym about his demo of the T505’s at Peters, it was an “O, F**k” moment :joy:

Then you will be able to hear more of an upgrade when you go for252 :yum:

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@antz - how big is your room?

speakers are 12 ft from lisening postion, 15ft by 12ft or close too

Absolutely. I know “source first” - although I don’t necessarily hold with it - would suggest 252 in the first instance but as PB says the 505 over the S20s (an excellent speaker in their own right) was just a night and day change.



Hi Lindsay,

Not sure if you have posted about your T505 demo or I missed it. Anyway, are you able to summarise what the 505s delivered above and beyond the S20s, or simply what stood out for you with the 505s?

Also have you made a decision yet about the 505s?



Nigel hi. No I didn’t post about them because I was actually demming the NDX2 which I decided against. It was just the that 505s were available so they were switched in. More of everything, resolution, more organic, bass response and joyous treble.

Yes I’ve decided - that I can’t afford them!



PS: Are you going to Bristol?

Yes, I am going to the Show on Saturday. You?

Yes going Saturday.

Just installed used SC from my dealer, uplift in music was straight from the off, more focus esp on volcals and bass, looking forward to the SC getting even more run in

Other benefits was move of HCDR straight on to solely powering the stageline rather than through 282, also purchased Naim pre Fix for LP12 so that too powered by HCDR

Ordered 252 which hope will arrive in a couple of weeks that’s me done on electronics 252,SC, 300DR, will look at DR on SC in due course

Will report when 252 arrives, but can’t thank enough the team @Cymbiosis great dealer, advise and service

having had the SC in the system since the weekend now, the up lift on the 282 is quite staggering to be honest, - more detail and focus on the music - it’s almost richer and deaper with even more detail

I have always know the 282 is a brilliant pre amp - put a SC on it and it can show you what it really can do

if the 282 is that good now, can’t wait for the 252 to arrive from Salisbury

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dealer called I could collect the 252 on 29th March, only ordered on 18th - pretty impressive service
can’t collect this weekend, so will collect on 6th April :sunglasses:

can’t wait

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