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Could someone please help I am thinking of upgrading my amplifier Rega aethos to the naim supernait 3 I have focal kanta 1 linn silver speaker cable linn silver rca cables naim cd player would that be a upgrade and better sound thanks very much is my equipment and cables very good match

Which Naim CD player do you have?

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Naim CD5SI

Thanks. The CD5si is Naim’s entry level CDP, in fact it’s their only one. It’s really not good enough for the Aethos or Supernait 3, and not enough for the Kanta speakers. Swapping the excellent Aethos for the Supernait would achieve little. You need to invest in your source in order to balance the system. Swapping one good amplifier for another is pretty much pointless.

Are you wedded to CDs? Ripping them and using an NDX2 would be a real step up. Otherwise, maybe a Naim CDX2.


Yes mate, I have naim nd5 xs2 have ripped all my cds thanks for a reply

It’s rather like pulling teeth.

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The Aethos is every bit as good as the super nait - it sound a a little different but in your system that’s the last place I would be looking for improvements…

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@Higgy if you have the space, adding a pre-loved nDAC to the ND5XS2 is a great bang for the buck upgrade.


What about the naim Supernait for the balance collection would that be better sound and looking at the Macintosh ma 252 amplifier

@Higgy - mate you’re not really helping yourself here. Try to explain what it is you’re trying to achieve with a new amp?

As has been said; changing to a Supernait 3 from your already very capable amp will be a sideways move at best. Change by all means but don’t expect it to necessarily sound better.

Go and have a listen - only you can decide if you don’t agree with what’s being advised here?


Second that. Add a DAC, then PSU…

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Looking at things from a purely practical perspective, a Supernait can be connected to an ND5XS2 using system automation, thereby allowing the volume to be controlled using the Naim app, which does make the system nicer to use.

Another advantage of the SN over the Aethos is that the former gets much less hot, which makes it easier to instal in a rack.

For me, that would be enough to make me decide on a Supernait rather than an Aethos. That said, there must have been a reason to choose the Aethos over the Supernait in the first place.

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What soundquality aspects didn’t you like about the Rega aethos?

I agree with what others have said. There really won’t be much of a sound quality change with a sideways move of amplifiers. I now feed my ND5 XS2 through a Chord MScaler and DAC. Now that made a difference!

Thanks for all the replies folks really appreciate appreciate it

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