Upgrading cables on NAC282/NAP250DR

I have a Naim NAC282 preamp and a Naim NAP250DR power amp. I power these using a well known alternative to two HiCaps and a NAPSC. These are currently linked using the following four Naim-type cables:

  • One 4-pin DIN to 3-pin XLR cable (carries signal to the NAP250DR)
  • Two SNAIC 5pin DIN-to-5pin DIN cables taking power from the HiCaps to the two NAC282 power inputs
  • One 2-pin NAPSC cable into the NAPSC socket on NAC282

I am wanting to upgrade these cables to something better - currently thinking Chord Signature Tuned Aray cables. These cost around £800 each cable. I believe the Chord Sarum cables are better still, but outside my budget!

Q1 - am I right in thinking that top priority should be the first cable - the 4-pin DIN to 3-pin XLR cable that feedsthe NAP250DR? ie that this would make most difference to SQ?

Q2 - am I right to think there is little point in upgrading the NAPSC cable as this carries power only, and even then, only drives the display and logic control circuits of the NAC282 - ie upgrading this would make very minimal or no improvement in SQ?

Q3 - do people think it worthwhile upgrading the two 5-pin DIN SNAIC cables? I know these carry power, I’m less clear as to whether they also carry audio signals. Would upgrading these cables also improve SQ?

Q4 -someone on Ebay is selling a used Chord Signature Tuned Aray 5-pin DIN cable at the moment; they have removed two pins from the plugs at each end to “improve sound quality”. I have not heard of this practice before - is this something others have come across? And would the modified 3pin cable work OK between my HiCap and NAC282?

Any advice welcome or experiences from others who have done similar cable upgrades on their Naim amps.

Many thanks!


Black boxes are always a much better upgrade than cables.
I’d get two Hicap DRs or a Supercap DR.


The cable on Ebay is an interconnect rather than a Snaic so won’t be suitable. As the Snaics carry power, it’s against the forum AUP to discuss alternatives. Ok though for the DIN to XLR between power supply and 250. Take a look at Witch Hat which is popular on the forum.


1 carries only power and 1 carries power and signal. As you already said, not much use in upgrading the one that only carries power. The Ebay cable probably has the signal leads removed and is intended to be used only as power cable. What that does for SQ is a mistery to me.
See the Naim connection guide for details https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/Connection%20Guide%20Amplification%20Rev%201J.pdf

Personally I would rather spend my money on an upgrade to NAP300DR. But that’s my personal opinion

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If we’re referring to ‘cuddly toy’ - I replaced the cable that came with it to a Naim snaic: very good improvement :relaxed:

To your Q1: that is exactly the upgrade I did between my 272 and 250DR. For me it means a world of difference and well worth the money. A good dealer will let you try out a cable to see if you like it. The difference will be immedeate and improve slightly afterwards.

OP here with an update. I have decided to get some Witch Hat Morgana cables to upgrade my NAC282/NAP250DR setup. I will certainly get a Morgana XLR Stereo (NAP250) cable to plug into the NAP250DR.

I’ve never come across a company that didn’t claim they sell better equipment than their competitors.

I’m intrigued as to why you think the WH cables will be better?

You may have broken the forum rules by discussing third-party power cables.

There is a lengthy thread on this forum discussing the Witch Hat Morgana cables - every poster saya the Witch Hat Morgana cables were a clear upgrade on the standard Naim SNAIC cables.

Ref the forum rules - since the Witch Hat cable thread has been around for quite some time, I assume it would already have been taken down by a moderator if it were against the rules. My understanding about third party cables is that you are allowed to discuss some, but not others - depening on whether they carry audio signal, AC power or DC power cables.

Discussion of non-Naim SNAICs or Burndy cables is against forum rules as they are an unauthorised modification to the Naim equipment and their use will, at best, not give you the performance Naim intended, and at worst may well cause damage to equipment and void any Naim warranty.

Discussion of non-Naim interconnects is fine as they cannot carry DC power between boxes.

Not true. As posted above, discussion of fake SNAICs is not allowed on here.

My mistake - the thread I was referring to (where people rated the Witch Hat Morgana cables) was in fact discussing the Morgana XLR cables, not the Morgana SNAICs. I am wanting an upgraded XLR cable. I may or may not be interested in changing SNAIC cables…

My Naim amps were bought second hand and are outside the warranty period anyway…

Experience tells me that upstream of the power amp remaining with Naim wires provides the best solution.





There is a well known LP12 dealer in the UK (cymbiosis)that has a chord Sarum T - XLR for sale on his site, demo version. I am to understand that is the second best option for upgrade. Also, another popular dealer, Tom Tom, has a supercap DR listed, I was considering with a voltage change, for the US. That would be your first option as a black box upgrade is #1.


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