Upgrading - DAC/XPS to DAC/555PS - can it be "too much"?

Hi Guys,

I am a little lost in upgradeditis … :slight_smile:

My current systenm is:
HDX/nDAC/XPS (olive) to 52/SC (olive)/250(olive) to SBL. All serviced recently. Sounding wonderful… But as there is much time at home these days I came think about updates again

In another thread I was helped a lot with my idea of update from 250 olive to 135s olive.
But further thougts came in mind… also with source first ideas… :slight_smile:

What do you think will bring the wisest update:

  1. Exchanging NAP 250 (olive) to 2x 135 (olive) [sorry - wrong sub-forum]

  2. Exchanging XPS (olive) with 555PS(DR) resulting in HDX/nDAC/555PS(DR) source

  3. Adding NDS/555PS(DR) resulting in NDS/555PS(DR) source fed by HDX and NAS

Please do not tell my … do version 3 plus 1 :slight_smile:

Do you have any experience in the diofference happening witrh these updates. It is a lot of money and i know that the higher you get the worse the SQ-difference/money will get.
Otherwise I do not want to imbalance my currently perfect sounding system.

Any ideas, thoughts or impressions in mind.
Thanks a lot!

I was using an NDX with XPS DR into 282/Hicap/DR/250DR and upgraded to an NDS which has been a game changer to me. I now have a 555DR powering it.

Given you have a better pre-amp to me and an HDX/nDAC/XPS won’t be a million miles away from my previous NDX/XPS DR I can’t believe that you will be anything but delighted.

My view the 135’s can wait, unless an opportunity you can’t refuse arises that steers you in that direction.

Thanks a lot.
Thought so that the nds is the streamer! But as I do need a new PS it will be costly :slight_smile:
I a reading all day in the old and new Naim forum.

Is it possible to stream the files locally stored on the hdx (all my ripped cds) with nds, also they are wav files. Read about problems when hdx wav rips are copied to nas. But will it also be a problem letting them on the hdx and keeping the hdx as music server?

There is one thing, I really keep on thinking. I really like to n-serve app so much. I have a muso as well and the Naim app is not coming near. No information on bit rate and no quick access on further albums of the artist.
Is the Naim App identical when used with the nds?

Yes, any streamer such as an NDS will find the music files on the HDX over a network connection and play them.

This is not going to be a problem for the NDS. If you decide to change the HDX for a non-Naim server, just use the HDX to convert the files to FLAC before transferring the files to the other device and they’ll be fine.

The Naim app is pretty much the same on all devices. I would say that for browsing and playing music on a Naim streamer, it’s better than N-Serve, but it’s different. You will see the bit rate info on the track which is currently playing.

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Thanks a lot.
Read a Lot - even some pro ndac/555ps (non dr). The ndac brought the bass to my complicate room. The bass I am longing for years :grin:
Thought it was since hdx/Dac update.
Maybe I go for 555ps instead olive XPS. Maybe… nice to think about it, but also difficult :slight_smile:

Anyone would like to get rid off their 555ps non DR. Thinking about going on 555ps from olive XPS feeding ndac.
I read about the ndac giving more bass on top and I do not want to loose any of this, as my room situation is very bass decreasing.

But reading about the nds (can get nds for a decent price) is so tempting.

I have changed the title of my thread a bit as I have already updated to 135.

Here is my “dilemma” :slight_smile:

I have done the following updates over the years:

CDX/72/HC/250/SBL --> had this for a very long time
(also paused some time in listening music as my room acoustics is reducing the bass by some margin)

CDX/XPS(olive)/72/HC/250/SBL --> Bass is back :O) as is listening to music

HDX/DAC/XPS(olive)/72/HC/250/SBL --> What a jump to sweet and smooth sound with an analogue touch toegether with really nice bass

HDX/DAC/XPS(olive)/52/SC/250/SBL --> Supercap and 250 both with fresh service. This was the largest improvement. Clarity and a different sound level with a lot of detail.

HDX/DAC/XPS(olive)/52/SC/135/SBL --> 135 last series with fresh service. a smaller but really noticable difference. But to be honest … It had to evolve for me for 2 weeks or so. The 250 is really good and a bit smoother. But the 135er brought something back which I experienced 30 years ago in another hearing room - PRAT! The sound standing in front of you really makes me smile, so that 1 do love the 135. But is no easy listening for all kind of music. In some situations it is a bit demanding.
This is mainly because of my very analytical room acoustics (tile floor).

Today I have been offered a 555PS (non DR). I was really looking for one to update my DAC with (instead of the olive XPS).
I have read a lot on the 555PS (eg. that some people prefer non DR on DAC) and also that someone here had the experience that the 555PS brings too much steroids to an olive system.

That makes me a little insecure when it comes to updating to 555PS. I do not want to come into Disbalance for my system. I am not sure if I “reached the peak” with the 135. The 555ps is definately the way better box, but this is all in relation to my listening environment. I can give it a try, but the 555ps (non DR) is harder to resell as most people are looking for the DR.

Does anyone have a similar system (all olive Amps) and has done a similar update or has tested the componets and can tell a bit.
There is also the path of NDS/555PSDR (but way more expensive)

Thanks for your patience in long reading and for some thoughts !

PS: hope, that this is not the wromg forum after my editing - if so, please shift to Hifi Corner

I used HDX ndac/555ps for a few years. 555ps works very well with the ndac ime.



Thanks. What kind of amps were in your system during this time? Olive or black?

252/300 Blacks


Thx. I think it is perfect in an all black system. Mixing is a bit tricky I assume. When you look in the olive Thread most of the olive use do use olive only :o). Only a streamer once in a while… but I have to check, if I remember correctly. :grin:

Mixing has proven to be a non-issue in this house. Both CDX2 and CDS3 sounded markedly better to these cloth ears when the power supply changed from XPS2 to a 555PS. This with a 52/135 amplifier. The 555PS brings many fine musical improvements but the largest for us was that bass had so much more dynamic range on transients. Basslines were more controlled, so started & stopped more cleanly, yet had so much more power and went deeper too. Delicious.

Hope this helps, BF

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Thx a lot.
I just read a lot again and there are some black / olive Users very happy with their combinations.
A better and more defined bass is exactly what the 135 brought. I like it a lot.
Very tempting…

It’s just my opinion, but 135 are only good in active mode (4 packs), in passive mode i really prefer a 160 or a 250. As soon as i will move to passive i will sold mines, because they are not so good as some other Naim NAP.
If you can try them before buying them, you should do it.

I also had HDX into nDAC (with 282, SupercapDR, 200 at the time). Adding a non-DR 555ps to the nDAC brought a very nice upgrade. However, you happen to mention the NDS… I replaced the HDX and nDAC with a late model NDS, keeping the same PSU. For me, that was where Hi-end reproduction truly began and I haven’t looked back. :wink:

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They are already mine. In passive Operation they are also better in a way of improving the olive sound to max. Same direction as upgrading from 72 to 52.
In direct comparison the 250 is smoother but lacks dynamics.
The foot tapping factor of 135 convinced me :o)

Do you had another psu in place before updating to 555ps, or have you done the update from bare Dac to Dac/555ps. Adding a xps to Dac was also a massive update.
Yeah… nds… hmmm… as i think nds goes better with 555dr, I have to rethink my plans. There are quite a lot NDS listed at Tom Tom audio.

What was the the difference in sound, when updating from dac/555 to nds/555. that would be interesting, as I really like the punch of the dac. I listen to electronic music mostly and think this is dac territory.


I did not have a psu prior to the 555ps, the 555ps was the only power supply I ever tried on the nDAC.

You don’t need to go straight to a 555dr with the NDS. You could step up to a non-DR 555, which is what I currently use with the NDS, or keep your XPS; although I understand the NDS really comes alive with the 555 in charge.

The difference between HDX>nDAC>555ps and NDS/555ps was significant for me. Much more scale, body, realism and more natural. It’s difficult to explain really but pushed to summarise I would simply say less Hi-Fi and more music.

If TomTom have more than one for sale, perhaps they may allow you to demo one at home for a few days?

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Dear Jason,
I am honored, that I am not immediately visible as non native speaker. :slight_smile:
But as I am from Germany I think it is difficult with testing a Tom Tom nds.

More music and less Hi-Fi is the right direction. This is the sound I love my olives so much for.
555ps non DR are harder to find and if found they do need service which is quite expensive. My XPs is olive - need new psu for the streamer.
How do you feed your nds? Nas or from HDX?


Wow, your English really is excellent… didn’t realise you were in Germany, so yes, I can see that doesn’t help you for a demo then! I initially fed my NDS from my NAS, but now use a Melco server, which really brought improvements too.

I appreciate Naim may not be as accessible in mainland Europe, so I understand that demos are harder to organise, but I really think that you should try first if it is at all possible. Failing that, I guess you just have to be prepared to sell on again if something doesn’t work for you and hope you recover the outlay.

Whatever you choose, I wish you good luck and I hope it brings what you want.

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