Upgrading from a NA155 power amp

Is it worthwhile to upgrade from the NAP155 to the NAP200? Does 10 watts per channel really make a difference??

Any opinions would be gratefully received.

Eskay, that depends…

What’s the rest of the system? Remember that system hierarchy is key here - source the most critical followed by the amplification. Regarding the latter, the pre-amp is the more critical component and takes precedent over the power amp - power is nothing without control.

Also, as you move up the range of power amps, differences in performance build own to much more than just a case of the number of watts/channel.

There is also the preamp power supply to consider, and if you are using the built in one in the power amp, that brings further benefits with a 200, and more so with a 200DR.

I use a CDX 2 as my source, and I have two Flatcap XS power supplies. They drive a pair of Vienna Acoustics Haydn SE which are about to be upgraded.

…and which preamp?

… good point-I have a 152XS preamp, and use Naim speaker cable. I have had this system for just over 5 years.

In that case, I would consider a preamp upgrade first. Your source is good enough to justify at least a 202 or 282, and I would suggest that would be the best move to make next.

I went from NAC152XS to NAC202; more bass, better control overall. A worthwhile improvement. I would not do the power amp first. 155 to 200 is less of a difference, I’ve done that too. It’s not about the watts per channel! Preamp first! Get a 282 if you can (I haven’t heard a 282)

I would look at the pre-amp too. I recently heard a 15X (not sure of the exact model) with a 252 and Supercap and it worked very well indeed.

Thank you all for your advice. I will look at upgrading the preamp.

Any recommendations where to buy a preowned one??

… and best place to try and sell my 152 XS?

Anywhere but here*…

Otherwise have a chat with your dealer and see what trade-in allowance they will make for you against a pre-amp upgrade.

*Strictly forbidden here - see forum rules.

I had the same amplification as you have and it’s a very nice balanced system.
I agree that upgrading the pre amp is the way to go. I went to an olive Nac52 with supercap. That was a huge difference in more detail coming through from the recordings. Good luck.

I have the same superb amplifier as you. If I wanted better replay I would upgrade the source that is fed into it. In your case this would be via the addition of an XPS2 to your CD player.

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