Upgrading from Uniti2 to a Nova - Phono stage issue

I’m about to upgrade my Naim Uniti2 and am considering the Naim Nova, my thinking being it will drive my Focal Aria 926’s better. Unfortunately, from what I understand, the playing of vinyl with my Linn LP12 is going to be an issue as the Nova does not fully support the Stageline phono stage ( that I had to get when ‘upgrading’ to the Uniti2).
I have been told that I now will need a separate PSU for the Stageline or purchase an alternative phone stage, incuring substantial additional cost.
Does anyone know of a suitable work around for the Stageline ( really miffed that Naim couldn’t have continued the solution that they had on the Uniti2) ?

PS , new to forums so go easy on me…

There are two options, as you outlined, if you want to get a Nova: a power supply for your Stageline, or a different, self powered, phono stage.

Do you know of an alternative of paying out over double the price of the Stageline for the power supply, the dealer is steering me towards the Flatcap XS?
I can accept the value of a good PSU for a power amp maybe, but this seems stretching it for a little old phono stage.
And the suggestion of having to replace my Stageline with a non Naim phono stage just frustrates me further.

There is little point in being frustrated. It is what it is and you could always stick with your Uniti 2 and avoid the hassle altogether. One option for you is to get a non-DR NAP200 and add it to the Uniti, which would give the increased power for the speakers that you seek. If you want the Nova then a used and serviced Hicap for under £500 is probably your best bet. It will sound better than a Flatcap. An alternative power supply remains a viable option of course.

Valid points and very much along the lines of my original thinking, being to upgrade to a NAP 250 DR. However I was steered away from that by the dealer, pointing out that the Uniti2 as a pre amp source wasn’t up to the job.
Oh well food for thought… I can always get my soldering iron out and an old train set power unit , that might solve the conundrum :slight_smile:

The quality of the power supply is key to performance, so it’s worth doing it right if vinyl is of value to you. You’re spending a fair chunk of money on a Nova, so don’t spoil it all by wrecking vinyl replay in the process.

Cheapest PSU option is to source a secondhand Naim i-Supply. Next cheapest a secondhand Flatcap or Flatcap 2.

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