Upgrading my 2x500gb HDX to SSD

Hello all: I’m looking to upgrade my HDX to an SSD and use my NAS as the music storage device. Unfortunately, I live in the Naim audio backwaters (USA) - local dealers are… not too well-informed at anything more than “humming along to the tune”!

I accessed the HDX through windows network file explorer and copied all of my ripped music to the NAS (highlight everything, right click, copy - took about 18 hours). The folders are all there and when I open them, they appear to be identical to when viewed on the HDX itself (using the Naim desktop client). I can play the music from either the HDX or the NAS just fine from my Windows computer.

Will the upgraded SSD read the NAS library as if it were on the original internal HDD (ie as if I had ripped it on an HDX-SSD and stored automatically on the NAS)?

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The internal hard drives (or at least one of them) will also carry the operating system, so this will not work.

I can recall a similar thread a couple of days ago, worth a search …

You might also consider having the twin hard drives upgraded to a single 2TB HDD. You can still use external networked storage, so there is no loss of functionality, and you have the internal storage.
The SSD, if still available from Naim, may not be any cheaper, despite the fact that it can’t store your music library.
Once done, I would suggest that you set up the automatic backup to a NAS rather than copying manually.

I’m talking about the official Naim upgrade with the OS on the SSD. Just want to know if I can use the music files transferred to the NAS without re-ripping everything.

Sure, no need to re-rip!

I’m pretty sure the upgraded HDX would be unable to recognise the rips on your NAS as its own CD rips, in which case you would need to make the folder a Network Share, then create a new Music Store for any future CD rips.

Ah, OK, so it’s just a matter of naming the locations correctly. Would the HDX recognize the metadata from the old rips on the network share as it would on the new music store?

I’m sure the files will be fine. It’s just that the server may not recognise the folder as the one it keeps its CD rips in unless you are restoring from a Naim automatic backup, aka Music Store. So if you set it up as a Network Share instead, the HDX will still use it.

Hi sktn77a,

I mentioned in this thread over in Hifi Corner that I had heard that we have sourced more of the original SSDs: HDX HD to SSD still possible?! (OP @simonreynolds)

Unfortunately the “grapevine” had got confused - it was 2TB HDDs we have managed to source.

As a result, the SSD upgrade is, as I predicted on the brink of being discontinued.
I will update when I have something concrete.


Hi @NeilS, does this mean that compatible 2TB HDDs could potentially be hard to source in the foreseeable furure? Would this apply to the US as well?

Hi Chris,

I believe the current Seagate is now obsolete, if so, we will need to go through a selection process to find an alternative.
I really have no idea about availability of the current drive in different areas of the world.


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…thanks Neil, yes please update when you can.

Just re-read this - you meant UnitiServe didn’t you, not United States? What a fool! :rofl:

Yes, it would apply to NS01/2/3 HDX & UnitiServe.

I’m currently awaiting a response on the SSD front.


Sorry Neil, I should have made it clearer - yes, I meant Unitiserve (as opposed to USA, Useless Ultrasound, etc.)

Given the progress on storage technology, I would think a current MLC SSD would be as reliable as an SLC SSD of 10 years ago. Any consideration from NAIM to this?

Failing that, for us HDD-equipped HDX owners, what happens if we have a drive failure - are we SOL, or is there a plan in place for such an occurrence?

Quick update on this:

The SSD upgrade is now officially unavailable unfortunately.
The reasoning behind this decision & whether alternative drive technologies may or may not be suitable, is beyond my remit I’m afraid.
However, owners of all legacy server products will still be supported for repair at this time.
This also includes 2TB HDD upgrades.


I think Naim writes it own kind of OS /interface based on Windows XP for Unitiserve /HDX. It’s better if Naim provides installtion CD like Windows for such bad events happen so Unitiserve /HDX owners can do it themselves, don’t know if Naim’s willing to do it :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
I updated firmware for my Unitiserve from ver1.5b to 1.6b, 1.6d, 1.6g, 1.7a now 1.7b, the firmware size is maximum 290MB including some manuals in PDF files and Windows file (*.dll, *.exe). So full size installation (like Windows XP + Naim interface) can fit in 1 CD.

You should update to 1.7c which is very important following the AMG metadata service withdrawal. You have to get the CD or a file from your dealer or from Naim Support.


I only see ver 1.7b on Naim website. Where else can I find it? My local Naim dealer is just dealer :slight_smile:

Phone Naim Support and they will supply it.