Upgrading ndx 2 or not

Not sure if I should but I bought my ndx 2 in May 2019. I am so impressed with this piece of kit, I am desperate to go up a notch to the 555. I mainly stream from Spotify and Tidal and from my NAS drive. I have upgraded my cables to TQ ultra black and Magico S1 speakers with my 552/300. Should I make the change? I am thinking that I should sell the ndx 2 first. Any thoughts!!

Tbh would you hear an Improvement using Spotify?

Have you tried a power supply? XPS or 555?

I believe the top streamer is something else so all about funds/preference/synergy with other kit

Spotify is mainly for the wife. I will put the ndx 2 up for sale before I buy the 555. Better than pxing.

What power supply are you using on the NDX2.

I think we’re all thinking along similar lines here. Adding a PSU to the NDX2 lets it perform at its best.
Doing the same with the ND555 involves at least a higher spec PSU and if your desires require 2 of them.
You have a system to take advantage sufficiently of either source, the ND555 + 555PS will outperform the NDX2 bare or with an XPS or 555 PSU driving it I don’t think anyone would challenge that, so it really comes down to budget and your system aspirations in the end.
You could get a 555PS and run the NDX2 with it as a first step, you’ll need at least one of those to power an ND555 anyway.

i bought an old 555ps to power my ndx2
imho was a transformation - was very pleasantly suprised tbh

When I bought my NDX2 I also included an XPS DR as the boost in SQ was substantial. Maybe I should also have looked at a 555 DR PS as I suspect from what I’ve read this offers a further substantial boost in SQ. I certainly think the improvement the XPS DR brings to SQ fully justifies the cost.
Mind you nearly £10,000 for a streamer is getting a bit barmy.

When i demoed the NDX2 i thought the xpsdr got you about 70% of a 555 ps dr. Unless you plan on getting a ND555 which will need a 555ps, then the xpsdr is a great vfm addition to an NDX2.


hello john
if i could have got a good deal on a XPS DR thats what i would have preferred, but an old 555ps (non DR) came up and took the plunge. I would have thought the uplift would be similar as they both have huge transformers and the XPS has 6 rails. :+1:


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