Upgrading software w/o working display on Unitilite?

My Unitilite (2013) is working fine since I bought it. However the display was fading since the last years and is completely dead now. To update/upgrade the system I need the display to perform the several steps and transmit the new sw from computer to NAIM device. How can I do this now w/o having info from the display?

Crickey, I think this is probably a step too far into driving blind. It might just be possible to blindly follow a sequence of key presses to change a setting, but this is probably too difficult. The problem is that you have to wait while it does stuff, and you’d never be quite sure when it finished each step.

Screen should be replaceable for around £150 through Naim.

Dead screens must be frustrating. Would be good if you could plug an external monitor in the back… I wonder what the communication protocol is!

Gavin & Andy, thanks for your fast replies. It is indeed frustrating to use the Unitilite with dead screen. I would very much welcome if I could handle this problem by having the necessary data on my tablet which I use. Screen replacement by NAIM seems to be in the 300 Euro region…

Actually you don’t need the screen to work in order to update the firmware on a Unitilite.

You need to check what it’s on now, although I think all Unitilites started with firmware that can be easily updated. You can check that with the Naim app.

Then you download the firmware update (v 4.7) from the Naim website, install it on your PC or Mac and follow the instructions. Just take things slowly and note that you should leave everything alone for a couple of minutes at the end as the PC will say “job done” before the Unitilite has finished putting its trousers back on (so to speak).

Then you can check in the app and make sure it’s showing the right version. I would do all this with a wired Ethernet connection to the Unitilite as it removes a potential source of problems from the equation. You need the USB connection too of course.




Many thanks to David, sound observation! I will try it this way.
Do you know if NAIM is shipping displays to customers?
I even would dare to replace it on my own after having had a look inside my device.

regards, Peter

Naim won’t let you do it yourself. They do ship to authorised service agents of course.

I think it’s not completely trivial to do because the new display is different to the old and for a start if you just swapped a new one in, the display would be upside down. One of the more recent firmware versions (but I forget which) has firmware specifically for the new displays.

They will replace just the display for around £150 but you have to pay to get it there. But if your Unitilite also has the CD drawer sticking problem, it’s probably worth paying for a proper service which would get everything sorted out.



ok, do you know if the new displays last longer? The older OLEDs seemed to have a rather limited lifetime.
Anyway great support from your side, many thanks again!

I don’t know that anyone knows that yet! But presumably the fact there was such a high failure rate of the old ones will have informed Naim’s purchasing of replacements.



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