Upgrading speaker cable to AtomHE

Recently purchased AtomHE and Acoustic AE1 speakers thinking about upgrading the speaker cable. Looking at Atlas Hyper 1.5 has anyone experience with this cable or has anyone upgraded their speaker cable to the Atom and if so what cable did you purchase. Thank you - a newbie in this field!

Tellurium Q Black 2.
Genuinely impressed when changing from Chord C Screen… and they’ve stayed with me from Atom to Nova to current Ndx/282/250.

No experience with the Atlas Hyper 1.5, but my B&W 703s2 speakers are working well with the ShawlineX of the Chord Company in combination with an Atom. Did not try other speaker cables and just went with the advice of the dealer.

I’m assuming here that as you have the Atom HE, your speakers are the Acoustic Energy AE1 actives. If that’s the case, you don’t use speaker cables at all, and neither of the cables mentioned by the previous two posters will work. Instead they use appropriate interconnect cables. They need to be the right sort of cables, matched to the Atom HE and suitable for long runs.


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Thank you HH

HH is absolutely right. I think both Atom HE and your active speakers take balanced cables and that is what I would go for especially if the Atom is some distance from the speakers. Something like Mogami 2534 or 2549 would be my first port of call.


I learned something today :slight_smile:

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