Upgrading to a Uniti Star

Hi guys, first post here, so hopefully it’s in the right sub-forum.

I’m currently using a Rotel system for a few years but the Naim Uniti Star has recently caught my eye and I’m seriously considering it as an upgrade.

As quaint as it sounds I still listen to a lot of CD’s ( they seem to be going relatively cheaply now and I can rip them to a better quality than buying a rip from the likes of Amazon, Google music etc). I’ve also started using Tidal during lockdown, which has been great, so of course, a system which would use streaming services to their full audio potential would fit the bill.

The only thing which is a the back of my mind and holding me back is that I seem to see a few Uniti star’s as refurb’s and on sale 2nd hand. Are there any issues regarding reliability etc or is just a coincidence ?

Had mine for 3 years and love it, Sounds superb.
What are your speakers

Hi, I’m currently using a set of Kef LS50’s , although I’d certainly take on board any recommendation’s in regards to a more suitable set of speaker’s, budget up to say around 1.5 - 2k.

The Star ticks a lot of my boxes and had very decent write up’s so I just want to make sure it’s the right product for me. Unfortunately, I’m around 50 miles away from a dealer, so going and viewing beforehand is a little tricky in the current climate.

Out of curiousity, what are yours? I use B&W 702 s2.

To the OP, also really chuffed with mine. Have had no issues other than one or two firmware bugs. You can find out all about them on this forum, and affect most models, not the Star specifically. As said, still really happy with it.

I bought a refurbished Uniti Star from a well known Naim dealer about 6 months ago. It’s been faultless, and I am absolutely delighted with it. Significant upgrade from my previous 15 year old Cyrus based system.


I have just bought a ex demo Uniti Star and love it .
It drives my rather elderly Naim Credo speakers and produces a great sound .
I do not care for large banks of Hi Fi equipment and huge speakers.
The Uniti sits discreetly in a cupboard out of sight .

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I recently replaced my 7-year old Uniti Lite with a Star. I haven’t had it long enough to vouch for its reliability. Suffice it to say it produces outstanding sound and is an excellent streamer and CD player. I also own a Nova. I really don’t think you can go wrong.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses.

I look forward to trying out the Star in the near future.

Hi, my only reservation regarding the Star is that the CD ripper/server is rather basic. That’s not a sound quality issue, it’s just that the way you search and browse your music using its metadata is rather limited. This can be particularly frustrating if you have a classical music collection, but not so much a problem with other music genres.

OK. I wasn’t going to go there, but…
“Basic” is an insufficient critique of the Star’s CD ripper for classical music. If you have a classical music collection that you wish to rip and stream, the Star is not the solution. The ripping is fine, with excellent error checking, but the metadata generation is…well, abysmal doesn’t begin to describe it. It will not work for classical music. Period. Search my name shirazsun for several detailed posts on this issue.

Surely the dealer will let you have a home demo.

Ok, I’ve managed to find a dealer that’s within a reasonable distance, so I should get a demo sorted within a week. He’s actually offered me a cracking deal, so I’m hopeful.

I take on board what your saying about ripping. My tastes are more rock/indie orientated so hopefully that won’t be an issue, well except for my wife who likes Lewis Capaldi, but let’s not go there :zipper_mouth_face:
I’m assuming though you can put your own metadata on a track through a separate programme and the Star will still read it if there is an issue?

And yes, I fully understand there may be a few niggles, as there is with any product. I was just looking for feedback in case there was anything major to be concerned about, reliability wise.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks

The folder that the Star uses to hold CD rips cannot be edited outside of the Naim app. This breaks the database. You can edit music files on a computer if they are held in a different folder. If you are keen to keep your metadata in good order, I would consider a different ripper, which might just be a computer running ripping software such as DBpoweramp.
That begs the question, do you want a Star if you don’t rip your CDs on it? Perhaps an Atom or Nova should be on your shortlist too.

Chris what you say is Not right.
I edit my files adding artwork , renaming numbering tracks etc using mp3tag. Also copy across cds copied elsewhere into an artist folder.
Never fails to recognise the changes etc

I picked up my Uniti Star today however apart from taking it out the box and a basic set up, I’ve not had a chance to give it a good road test.

The only major niggle is that the remote refuses to connect up to the main unit, so if there is a quick fix to this, I’m all ear’s, Failing that, I’ll have another crack at it tomorrow.

It sounds and looks great though !


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