Upgrading to Muso 2

Some months ago my faithful dealer sold me a used Muso Q v1 that I placed in my dining room, primarily to provide music for dinner parties.

About a month ago, I contracted Covid, and during a dizzy spell from this I fell and fractured my pelvis. After two weeks in the hospital and two weeks in a rehab facility, I am finally home, but I will be imprisoned for three more months while the bone gains enough strength to do more physical therapy. Worse, the door to my music room is too narrow to accommodate my wheelchair, so I have set up my computer in the dining room.

I have decided to trade in the Muso Q for a full-size Muso 2. This will give me better sound, and I will be able to access Qobuz as well as Tidal (I have subscriptions to both). My dealer, whose customer I have been for 30 years, has been kind enough to offer to bring the Muso 2 and install it for me, since it would be difficult for me to do that on one leg. I feel very fortunate to have survived Covid and the fracture, and to have all this wonderful music to listen to. Cheers!


That’s nice to hear, thanks for posting. I hope you are well on the road to full recovery.
The mu-so 2 is a good upgrade over the original qb, you should be very happy with it.

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