Upgrading to Power Lines

I’m considering a PL upgrade for my six black boxes. At present I have two MK (switched) double wall sockets behind my rack. The additional sockets I need are provided by a £4.99 Sainsbury’s four-way extension block. I also have a SMPS wall-wart power supply for my HDMI switch plugged in (cue heart attacks). What’s the optimal power solution that doesn’t require 50mm superconducting cables connected to my consumer unit?

Before adding powerlines, you should look at solving your mains sockets issue. That block from the supermarket has to go, take a look at the musicworks reflex as a starting point. The switched sockets can also be swapped to unswitched. Then look at powerlines.

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Installing a dedicated mains feed is the way to go, but I guess you have already noticed the numerous threads here on that subject. Keeping those dodgy SMPS on your existing circuits and using a separate one for the HiFi gear really is worth doing.

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Wireworld matrix 2 is a good budget extension block. Look at Powerlines and Powerline lites depending on the components. Chord purple cables are good and reasonably priced. Furutech plugs with cables are good too! Depends on your overall budget.

Dedicated mains supply such as radial circuit from existing board or ideally dedicated board with radial circuit is good to look at.

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